Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

What are your resolutions? mine.. attempt to loose some weight, and get a better job, sounds simple right? my current bad job and my weight go hand in hand it seems since I do not make enough to afford the healthy food I want to eat, and I am in easy access to bad non healthy food.  Either way I am at work, and here until 2 am tonight, so everyone enjoy some fireworks for me.


What shows are on your list of daily watch? not much on mine, when I do catch some Tv, I like conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura  from this show I don't honestly think he is finding anything out about the world that is relate-able in fact. He is pretty much finding things stated within star enquirer and globe. there is another conspiracy show I have been watching  on the history channel, I do not know the name but it is worse than Jesse. the facts are put in favor of nothing being amiss and that the government tells all. They work towards saying that there is nothing wrong with the world.

With these shows, and then more and more websites supporting other sites and foundations like wikileaks, do not think that there is possibly something wrong with the world.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book review Survive!

Okay, I have said I will do product reviews, know hows, and such. Time to review a book I read before starting this blog. Survive! Essential Skills and Tactics to get you out of anywhere alive. by Les Stroud.

Now First I will say, I like this guy, to me he is smart on his survivor man shows, and I like his filming, as in being alone, that said, I don't like Canada speak in book form. Sorry Canadians. Most of this book related back to things you can learn just by watching his show, it did finally show how to make a figure 4 dead fall with some detail that he always speaks about in his shows. It is a good travel copy of 3 seasons of survivorman, and his one episode of urban disasters. Plus the stranded series he did to start up survivorman for the networks.

The book does have good tips, he is worth the read, but always do not just listen to one guide for all information, he also makes many references for everyplace he goes he consults local survival experts, something we all wont have if we were to get stranded in remote locations. it would mainly be book research like we would try to be doing with this book. I wouldn't call it an all knowing guide to survival, but it does have some tips tricks and opinions, like much hate for the the lean to shelter, why the hate Les?

I give it a 3 out of 5, I need to read more survival books honestly, this one didn't keep me that interested that I couldn't put the book down, but I did finish it.

Reading more books and reviewing more will come with time but money is tight like always for those with dead end jobs making it through life.

Also note, the leaving pages in the back of the book for tender was creative.

 I was attempting to not be bias on this review because I do like Les and his show, I like that even with having a show he is slow going, he is alone out there and takes care of himself, unlike Bear Grills who runs in headlong with no rhyme or reason to us the viewers, and he just works to make a good show rather than show someone how to survive, he shows ya just how to die faster.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I really do not feel as if I have missed much, so that means my good people, you have not missed much from my own comments.

It snowed on Christmas, the first white Christmas in North Carolina since 1947, and honestly first white Christmas for many states and cities for a good many years, I hear for Atlanta this is a first in 128 years. With all this snow I far too realize that people in North Carolina do not know how to drive in any condition, I worked all day today out driving, and the roads were quite clear, you see the snow was a fine powered snow, it sticks to the ground and did also to the roads, but it did nothing to make them slick, that is ice. We have not seen ice yet this year and maybe tonight the melted snow will bring ice, but I doubt it.  It baphles me that someone seemingly prepared for the weather driving a hummer or a large SUV would be driving slow to the point it annoys me, knowing they can handle the road at a higher speed when I am only in a front wheel drive sports car.

enough about the weather, I have enjoyed my holiday, I didn't really see much in the way of presents, thats fine,  I was given money, money is always good, it can be put forth useful things. I enjoyed giving presents to my new inlaws and watching them play.

During my break I believe some may have noticed my presence on twitter, I have an auto post for my blog, however I can access it from my phone, so I put a twitter feed on the blog to display. follow and comment and such, here there and everywhere, also take some time and rewatch the walking dead, I did.

QOTD What prepper stock should I get with the money?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas week

No real warning here, I am gonna take the week off, so no Saturday news, and unless something really gets under my skin, I will not be writing, to those not reading this I am sure you are heart broken.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday News post, I need a slogan for it or something

First story, Korea, good, bad, north, and south. lets see, south Korea doing firing tests, north Korea thinking this is a war effort, and now north Korea jumping further on the war issue, I think we have been here before. lets hope this time we stay out of it, but what am I saying the USA lives to fight other peoples battles for them.

Snow. Okay this time it isn't in NC, it was suppose to snow today, I kinda missed it, wanted it, hoped for it, it failed me, so its snowing in Europe, apparently this is odd weather for them this early too!

Prison Break at a Mexican border prison. this is not good, 141 prisoners escaped most likely with the workers help, leaving out of a service entrance used for vehicles

Did your childhood suck? were you abused, beated, sexually abused at one point in your life? your not alone, as an adult or a child really. welcome to the world of why the world sucks and why if you aren't abused at home then you are at school or work.

Fat kids multiply we blame the schools, Okay so schools are letting our fat kids opt out of P.e. and well I do believe this requires a parental consent form we are still blaming the schools for it. when I was a kid I played outside riding my bike around in circles and I stayed skinny, I did not gain weight until I moved and got cable Television. P.e did not do much to help me with my weight because at my size then I wasn't big enough to do a pull up, I did not have the muscle build I was just skinny, if you want to complain about the lack of P.e then it should attempt to be effective in the first place.

Friday, December 17, 2010

to Survive

What would you be willing to do?

Now I am not referring to the end of the world, Perhaps just the end of your world. You find yourself homeless your family dead, what do you do now? Do you live on the streets clam-mering on clinging to what you may still own squandered away from what is left of your own life? Will you sell those last possessions to get a bit further a grain of food in your stomach? What job would you be willing to do, what would be beyond what your pride would allow?

I know in my own mind, my capabilities I can and would do anything to promote my wellbeing, and in my slight heartless nature no longer having anyone would lead me to the point of no worries in my own actions. If you have no one to look down on you that you know, there is nothing to low for you to stoop to. This is probably too drastic for someone who living comfortably to think about, you have a home, internet service Television most likely, a family pet you pay to take care of, children, these are all luxuries that most do not find as such. Television seems to be thought as a god given right anymore, and I find it to be the least necessary thing I pay for, it only adds to the time I waste spending it retaining information that has no suiting to my everyday lifestyle.

would you turn a trick as my mother says to obtain money? meaning towards prostitution, be a servant of some other sort, clean what others will not. anymore these are not even jobs that lower class people seem to be able to obtain, they go to foreigns that are now in the country, yet thought to be good job in england, working for noble being given room and food for service, but that is an era far past.
Now what most people stoop to is food service jobs, fast food, Mc Donald's is a low job for most, Walmart mostly unthinkable, just yet, obtainable if you look and ask.
so why I ask are there so many homeless? because if you do not try before the world falls out from under you, if you do not lie just slightly while you are already damned. If you say you do not have a home, no job will hire you anywhere. so what would you do to obtain a home? or would you lie.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things go boom

The government has simulated a nuclear blast, and said that it is a survivable event, several problems. they did it where the government isn't, why would someone nuke the american movie industry?

beyond that they have a whole list of things we could do if it happens to attempt to prolong our sorry lives while they hide in a well furnished bunker. like not moving. it would be more harm to go outside into the radiation than remain inside and starve. yay prepping. beyond these thoughts, you could move away from this and think about the nuclear power plants near you, or in fallout range one of which I am in range of McGuire power plant. I have always lived in range of dying by this thing, and have driven by it many times on land and on the lake.

it really doesn't take hate to end the world or our lives, just stupidity, in so many available ways.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

two things in life that are certain

Death and Taxes, and we all have experienced both I am sure. apparently we are getting the bush tax cuts extending into this year.

From what I am reading in blogs, all of the bigger survival bloggers are speaking of a shortage of freeze dried food. This is something I can not report on, I do not have the sources they do, I have also never bought at freeze dried food. I do know however with the winter storms going through the country, that eggs, milk, gas, and antifreeze are pretty well out of stock at most stores and gas stations beyond walmart. walmart doesnt stockpile anything, most stores do not anymore, so they get shipments as they run out or low on stock. a flawed system in storms and possible times for the traffic to be at a stand still. more people buying food and other items to stock, and the stores running out unable to restock. now preppers are another story they do not have to worry about these problems, which is why they prep. I suppose its something everyone should try.

Monday, December 13, 2010

wintry mix

Okay, so I took my first day off right? no I still did stuff, like laundry, it is horrid that I have to go to my mothers to accomplish this task but its either there or laundromat and I lack the funds for that venture. while I was loading up my car with clothes it started sleeting then snowing and sleeting some more, so I got to enjoy driving in the wintery mix as the weather men put it, it was funny to me since the weather channel and all news reports said we were just to have snow flurries late that night. It was quite cold though so ice fell from the sky, while I was driving people were already running off the road, I could then plainly tell that the state had not issued to salt the roads, its amusing that the snow I knew was coming wasn't predicted by anyone else.

I know weather seems to be a big topic for me, hitting the last few posts talking nothing but about the weather, but honestly its cold, and in North Carolina, the part I live in, it is not normally this cold in December, whats worse is the fact that this is a very drafty apartment. so today I went to work with my duct tape and garbage bags, like my two favorite redneck fixing tools.

this would be my air conditioner, where the sealing around it is so bad the wife doesn't want to sit next to it, and the vent system inside it does not close right. so it gets covered, I am trying to talk her into letting me cover the windows in garbage bags or plastic to help them out, its easier than having the apartment repair idiots come through the place and fix things. 

Today the weather is, windy, and indeed it is very windy and a brisk 25 degrees outside, and I work tonight, joy of joys. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

weather woes

Well I live in the southern United states, so I am only dealing with the cold so far, and there was some snow that fell last week here while I was on vacation. I wonder if the gulf spill will have an effect on the wind streams and currents this early on from the spill. I do have to say as long as I have lived here( my entire life ) I have never seen winter weather come from above the mountains then down into the foothills. When the weather comes from the north like Illinois it hits the mountains and they break up the snow clouds. So something odd happened with the weather stream to make it take a path which I have never seen. it is typical for the snow to come from the south to hit North Carolina then move up the coast. Currently though, normal amounts of winter weather is hitting ... well the normal parts of the country to receive it.

next link!
this one is about Identity theft. It's an interesting statement, your username, your code name to yourself. what to do you call yourself online, and what you do call yourself could lead to your own downfall of your identity, this basically goes on the idea of how many different accounts you have with one username. I use a few different usernames, thats a good thing for me. look over your own accounts. be secure.

Friday, December 10, 2010

something to say

my blog my rules I suppose, perhaps that sometimes the name of it is not just about survival, but my own survival, survival of life. I know I should continue to present information, sometimes I might think it is moot like its all been said before, but I'll attempt to keep going, but another day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Walking dead has ended

It was a good show, and I know this is a bit late even more so doing a daily blog, but I get to things in my own time, probably even writing important things. (jk) they don't mind killing off people I see, I never read the comic, probably still will not. I have enjoyed the first season and will plan to watch the next.
 I am glad its on basic cable for me to cheaply watch.
They have a well established camp even as they move around now, I was yelling quite a lot at people at the end of the show for them to get moving, the dramatic pauses while they had to stop and watch the explosions of the building were a bit of wasted time to me, all I could think of was that the noise would attract the walkers.
Watching such a situation makes my mind put me in it, and I don't know with the way I am I would ever be in those exact situations because of how avoidant I am from people or how cautious I am when I am around them. I would probably keep myself held up in a nice small quiet place with plenty of stuff for me and my family away from any people alive or dead. it bothers me still how much they do not work more towards getting away from people.

so QOTD in Zombie Apocalypse mode what would you do? ideally most likely? pessimistically... well I think dead is pessimistic.

also I have been vastly thinking of redoing the schedule of my posts, give myself a day off from it, IE Sunday, Saturday be the big news day post. then we will see about the rest of the week as of now, perhaps take one day from the blog for a video.

Also, comment, in a video rate, give me feed back of some kind okay?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

horders or preppers

Whats the difference? I would like to think organisation and the lack of a tv show. From what I have seen on the Tv show, I am not a frequent watcher of the show, the people on the show are older, and sit at home normally never leaving the house at all, and have bought too much stuff out of mail order or shopping from tv, obtaining stuff spending money I wish I had for things they don't need, nor possibly even know the use for.  if you buy a bunch of cooking things on QVC leave them in boxes, never leave the house, are filling up your home removing even a walking pathway because of stuff you are a horder, if you have animals in your home and have too much stuff in there to clean up after them, you are a horder, and normally by that tv show, their houses are being condemned from the health department stated as being unfit to live in.
 preppers do probably buy too much stuff, and possibly from QVC however, from what I can tell, at least online the ones who advertise they are preppers do so with order, if you have 20 5 gallon buckets of food, you kinda want to know which bucket has what in it, so labels are your friend, I can't imagine it would be a good day if the health department did get a call on you and they enter your house to find a wall of buckets, or other food storage, and they think you are a horder of buckets. remember to make yourself able to walk through your home.
 honestly the worse thing I see in all of these is having animals in your house, this I am not a fan of, animals have adapted to live outside, if they aren't they are a useless animal to me. so your designer dog might be nice, but has no place with me, sorry wifey, your shih-tzu stays with your parents.

QOTD What are the TV shows you watch, do they relate to your ideas of prepping or survival?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is an interesting game that if done correctly teaches an interesting set of skills. the idea behind the game is to find a geo cache near your home or near a destination you are taking for that day, I could have probably found many of them out in Cherokee when I went, but I was enjoying the relaxing too much for that. I know there are several geo caches near my house and have thought about making another one near me.
I have only found one geo cache and thats near my wife school it was done by one of the classes there.
what you do is go to the website and download the set of coordinates for the location of the cache and plug it into a gps, which it could also go into a detailed map, you go out search for it on food, the website gives a lot of information for helping you hunt, but most of the information comes from the person that set out the cache and those that have already found it, perhaps given a hint or something to that nature, and there are some code hints in the name some times. then once you get to the given area, since gps isn't completely accurate, you have to look around. which this makes for some skills there, looking for something that is meant to be hidden, like an explosive device perhaps. it gives a slight attempt to make you more aware of your surroundings, more so if you go and look at the site and see how many geo-caches are near your home. it might surprise you how many there are.
if  you don't have a gps, use a map, I first downloaded the app to my iphone and tried it. I had fun dragging the wife through some woods to that one cache and I want to try it again, I still haven't found the one thats at the store near where I work.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Car Carry

This post is brought on by a question from me to a customer at my day job, me stating, your not really dressed for the weather are you? her answer " Yeah, I don't like wearing a jacket in the car." and she was wearing a light jacket for early spring maybe, and its suppose to be 19 degrees F tonight. I have a thermal suit I brought inside work with me tonight, I've had it in my car since it got cold, with her answer all I could think of was what if her car broke down. her other answer was that she had left her car running so it would be warm still, what if she locked her keys in her car? I know its a lot of 'what ifs' but thats the idea behind preppers, to prepare for any situation that could happen no matter how unlikely.

 I have locked me keys in my car so often that I carry a spare car key in my wallet, and I have a spare to my wifes car, in the first 3 days she locked her keys in her new car and tore up a lot of the rubber seal getting back inside. I knew how to break in my car, and did it a few times, but it wont work for me now, but I have that key, and I locked my keys in my car on my honey moon even, wasn't a problem I had the spare.  thats just one situation.

Where I work we deliver food, I don't always deliver but I have before and keep a lot of things in my car, food, water, first aid kit, roadside kit, normal car stuff for me, I even have a jumper box in the back of my car, its been the best 100 dollars I ever spent, with it having a tire pump, av inverter, and car jumper, it is one all around handy tool. its one of those things I have everyday in my car that I don't think about, like the camp shovel, I left it in my car, do not know why I would ever need it, but I do not know thats why its there.

QOTD whats something that you think is odd, that you carry in your car?

also please dress warm in the winter do not rely on your cars heater.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

vacation prep

Well if it isn't apparent not I just got home from a short honeymoon, money goes quickly, yes it does, but we had much fun. All the things I've been reading and putting into my own practice, as well as my new wifes own paranoid packing we surprisingly only left with two bags of stuff for a destination two hours away up a few mountains and further into the cold. North Carolina is an interesting state in all seasons, and it is one where there is a little bit of everything here, beaches, mountains, swamps, lakes.. its all here, we lack a desert, but I'm not missing it.
One of the main things I made sure to take with me was insulated suits for both my new wife and I, because I did expect the cold, I didn't really expect the snow but it did not become a problem since it only came during the trip home. I have said before that I got stranded with my mother once on a mountain road, it was the same road I was traveling for this trip. I remember the cold of last winter. but the only bag I brought was my normal carry bag, that I started carrying everyday to work and such. it has a rain coat, some winter gear for the winter months, food, and it has my computer stuff normally, and things encase I stay at my mothers for a night.

I really should  see more of this state, and the country, I remember going to some of the places around this state when I was in school, but it was long ago.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OK I am Back, married honeymooned and rested? hardly

Ok For the news, 4 stories, quite interesting to me, two of them about wikileaks, I cant say I have read much on this website, but I have watched some of the videos, and they are interesting to say the least. It's a website that is letting out secrets of the US government, however I think, if they were so important secrets we still wouldn't know them, I would still like to know who shot jfk, was 9/11 an inside job, something of that nature. There are long past secrets of the government that could change the views of the world on our own government. but right now, they are just releasing batches of documents the common public is hearing the names of the batches of documents, not what they contain or their importance only that they could damaging to to the government, or cost people jobs, and that last statement is the only one hitting home for people, thats the eye catcher statement because everyone is already out of a job.

wikileaks looses its paypal account, they cant accept donations from them now, honestly it was coming since all american companies are backing away from them quickly.

and this one is forbidding all federal employees to Not look at wikileaks, at work, at home, on your mobile phone. because you shouldn't know whats there. thats it in a nut shell, I wonder though, will they know? really? will you get fired if you do look?

Next story ! Land up for sale, nice secluded, out in perfect prepper country, one hitch it belonged to the uni-bomber

and a stranded boat off the coast of alaska.. ok I am jumping bail off this one for thinking it was interesting, but it was for a second. stranded crew, no one can get out to them yet. What would you do? QOTD

Friday, December 3, 2010


well the wedding was nice. small, I enjoyed there not being too many people, and now I am out in the mountains.  it has been a fun day today, walking around Cherokee NC, but still taking a few days off from serious writing for wedding stuffs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

night before wedding

I get married tomorrow, should be a big deal right? the sealing of a deal for me really. I have been dating her for 3 years now, and living with her for a few months, since May, so I do know her rather well, so not worried about the normal unknowing stuff.
I won't have much time this week for blogging, but I will try, like I continually am now. this will be a short one since I am not with proper internet, so I save my good stories for another day.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

can I keep it up?

Its apparently as I am noticing quite a challenge to keep a blog going daily while still doing a day job, it does so get into the way.
heres a few questions to everyone, are you a casual camper, when you camp what is your idea of camping? in an RV, bringing a tent, constructing a shelter.
 I know if you want to prepare for a survival situation, you can just start camping normally and each time just leave out bringing one item of comfort. the first thing always to go for me would be the tent, and since my last shelter idea bombed.
 I wouldn't attempt making a group shelter, I would make a small personal one, and when you make one of those mainly in the winter, you want it as small and close to you as possible, because the more air that is in there with you the more cold air you have in there with you. trust me cold is bad.
 I've also had a few friends, war re-en-actors tell me that you should always change clothes before sleeping, stating that no matter what you try you will sweat and be wet while attempting to sleep, this does work I know, but in attempts to travel with as little as possible.. that is hard.
 Just bringing what I did with me, my bag was overly heavy and I felt tremendously loaded down. and I do not know what will be the next thing I decide to remove from my camping, always will take a first aid kit, I like my ground tarps, and I like taking tarps for water proofing. something in that will probably be gone. In the summer, when next I will camp, it will be just me and the hammock and I hope the people that were suppose to come then will come this time for sure.

QOTD- When ( season ) do you plan camping trips?

Monday, November 29, 2010

drop a few cents in

well I am still thinking back on my camping trip on the things I could have accomplished had I stayed out there video wise, and I keep telling myself I will do something that will make up the things I didn't complete like the product reviews, and I do want to at least do a proper review of that hammock, and I want to stand by the fact that you do not have to buy name brand things, or things you see as over priced, for me that hammock was an impulse buy. something I wanted, I like how compact it is and how easy it is for me to set up, but I saw a hammock a few weeks later at a major mall store for 20 bucks, thats a stark difference from the 70 I paid.

I am going to do a video review of the hammock AND show you how make a cheap tarp like the one I made out in the woods, and even make it better since I will be making it in the comfort of my mothers house.

One thing I dislike about the world anymore is the fact of how much this nation is a consumer nation, made in the USA is a joke, even if something is branded that, the materials aren't, its like thinking back through how food is made, well a loaf of bread, what made it, flour and water, yeast, where did you get that? did you make it or buy it, yes there is a Simplicity to buying it but its so much easier later on knowing how to make something when you don't have the ability to buy it.

even todays news story today I found, he had no knowledge of his own, relied on information obtained at the point of tragedy, he had an iphone, and a first aid app, rather funny, but it did save his life, now he is writing a book

Now question of the day, lets start a new thing to get people commenting. What is one thing you can make without buying something, anything, to make it? it can be anything, food, a charm, neckless, weapon. and I'll make it easy, you can scavenge garbage. show me, don't just say you can make it, do it and post a picture.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday sunday sunday

I was trying to pawn off some of the writing of this blog to some other authors so my opinion isn't the only one being viewed, so I have given the pen to two others, if they decide to pull the pen and start writing it is up to them and I will allow them to introduce themselves. I couldn't find much towards issues in the news today. and my words of wisdom are lacking when I can't think of a topic. 
I do know I need more prepping for winter time, last night I sat in my car for too long( to me ) waiting for my windshield to defrost, I could not find my ice scraper, I never could find it during the day today, I worked the most of it, and tomorrow will be much of the same. and 4 days until wedding thing. sorry my post is lacking today, I waited too late to do it, and lacked proper content. come back tomorrow 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday 27th 2010

I couldn't think of a title besides News stories, and too many of those and it will get boring, I should think of just one or two days a week to do news stories, or should I still with the random I am out of ideas so I search the news? anyway three stories today from two days ago. still in reason for the week.

first 50 days out at sea for three teenagers, this is a good thing, I do not know if I could take the coconut, and the laxative that it is. perhaps later in life, or a few weeks they will have a tell all story of at least how they caught the bird and where they learned the information that helped them survive.

next story, permanent war for the USA, honestly probably not because like the last depression we were in, war "solved" it for a few years, 50 or so, and during that all they did was refuse the idea that we were in a depression. and the economy is still failing, I make no money even having a job, prices for everything is going up, and the small business world can barely pay their employees with the min wage which leads this whole cycle to repeat, min wage goes up, costs go up, prices go up, min wage goes up. all the while the government is printing money to fuel this fire. the only thing constant is money or product being taken or used in other countries with a half stable economy.
the world has been good at war, america has been good at war, fighting and loving are two constants that are world wide, and loving only makes money for the porn industry.  I do not think this or the other few wars that we are involved in right now will continue, but there will always be another one coming next. \

this next one talks about the tsa again, still in the news, however to me this one is a funny backlash, wear a kilt, like a true Scotsman, I don't know that I am Scottish however I am Irish and I laugh at the kilt anyway.  I know one thing about a kilt, why its name, cause if you call it a dress you get kilt.

now I have to go shave off my red beard I grew during my days off work, well for work was fun while I had it, this has been a decent vacation.

Friday, November 26, 2010

camping trip gone bad.

Well it turned out nothing of how I wanted, I shot no video, reviewed nothing, beyond just using them, the shelter wasn't made how it needed to be to keep us any kind of warm, I should have left the two I camped with gone off and made my own personal shelter. one person was dictated into not being able to come by his mother, the only under 18 person in the group, and the other two, well one kept leaving camp to go back home since the woods we were in was part of his families property, the idea was to sleep in shifts, and I let him have the first shift since he didn't dress properly and crawled into his sleeping bag first. but then after 6 am, his time to get up and someone else's time to sleep he decides to go get plastic to work on the shelter more,  which the shelter it's self needs to be remade it was rushed by a bit of rain that came through early the first day. he leaves for 3 hours, he went back home and went back to bed, and left me and knight out there cold and tired, and I will have to rethink my thoughts on cold weather camping, I was wearing clothes I normally wearing out into the snow, and I was cold to the bone.
the night the experience didn't work how I wanted, I will probably have to wait for another camping trip, this time not with knight or berzk cause knight also ruined it by running out of the shelter in the middle of the night and taking a dump about 10 feet away from camp, that ruined the site and we would have had to move the site well away from that nastiness. it wasn't the best experience.
the knife I made before the trip worked perfectly, it kept an edge, even after cutting through my hand, it could fell trees quite easily, cut through everything I needed.

one of the things I used while I was out there, a eno hammock- hammocks are not made for winter time, doing this with pads under you will keep air from flowing up under you but it doesn't make it warm, hammock would be good perhaps in the summer and to keep you off the ground from the bugs, something you don't have to worry about in the winter. I paid 70 dollars for this and I haven't used it much, but whats bad after getting it, looking at the design I should be able to make one myself, ill attempt it eventually, I did not buy the straps, bug net, or rain fly, I made a tarp from garbage bags, and I used truck tie down straps for hanging it up.

the other main thing I was gonna test, is an Eton flashlight, this flashlight worked pretty well as a flashlight but the fact that I was using it as a weather radio too showed its flaws, it only lasted about 2 minutes on a few minutes of cranking, it was night so it wasn't easily charged from the solar panel, it also advertises it charging a cell phone from a usb port in the back of the flash light, its apparent this wasn't meant for my iphone the solar panel does not charge the cellphone at all, so if thats what you were wanting spend your 30 bucks on a solar panel charger. the crank is iffy at best for charging a phone, you can tell when you are charging the device or your phone because of the resistance it has when you are charging something but otherwise its a rather free flowing crank. the light worked as long as I needed and worked even after the radio would cut off. also the weather radio apparently uses more power than fm/am. when I bought this it was on special and I got a free blackout buddy flashlight with it. haven't needed it yet but I like that one too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another day of news

Ok this first article hits home for me, when I first moved out of my parents house into this appartment my first course of action was replacing every bulb in the apartment to cfls perhaps I am just a fan of Tesla, but I do not know if this action has saved me money, but I have not had to change a bulb since. not to mention that most of these bulbs were free from my local energy company, and got another box of them from the energy company, after I had gotten the coupons, so they bought them, not me.  this next article not only talks about cfl but newer and well, more expensive led bulbs.

I did have more articles but. I believe that is all for tonight since its already 3:30 am, I had to help the SO write a paper for school. and camping starts in the morning, I am so looking forward to it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

late in the day

well I have a few stories to talk about, reading the news last night showed me the stories I wanted to write about today, and unfortunately I am not getting to this writing until nearly 3 am the next day, the first story is speaking about the tsa and all these privacy intrusions we are now just witnessing because of all the terrorist thoughts through out the flight around the world. now I wonder if a full body scanner or groping I mean pat downs would even be helpful to how those planes were apparently high jacked, not with bombs, with box cutters, and with box cutters I honestly do not see any plane full of american people being scared of one or two people on a plane, there has to be some facts wrong about those statements. please come see me in 50 years when the documents are released. right now we are dealing with this invasion of privacy because we are allowing it, we allowed the patriot act to come into play and let it slip by us letting the government avoid completely the 4th amendment, a law that has been in place since the birth of this country. a government agency can bug your house while your away, no search warrant, no court order, no reasonable suspicion no urgent circumstance. the entire  4th amendment was put in place to protect persons places and things for your privacy. knowing this, the statement given by the tsa is that a person, a reasonable person would have no expectation of privacy in an airport, well this is a statement I know we all believe, we all, the american people, have a reasonable expectation of privacy by wearing clothes we assume in our no wrong doing, there should be no reason to see what is under our clothes, nor should a random check by an employee give the reason for a pad down, the pad down, a terry stop, the first pad down, means you have to have reasonable suspicion for a pat down, the only person I see having the ability to judge this is a trained police officer, not a hired tsa employee.

the other story I marked in my book to write about was this  

these guys cant get a break can they? move maybe? ok with katrina, hurricane after hurricane, and the oil spill, its almost surprising to find people still wanting to live in this place, but ok I understand its home and a way of life. they are going through another problem, a power outage? hmm these have happened in new york and they never told them to boil water, which gene pool are they trying to thin...  I joke.

On both of these stories, I have flown on a few planes, after 9/11 mind you I was 16 then, 25 now. even got stopped once cause I attempted to walk through with some hotel shampoo, I let them keep that, I didn't like taking off my shoes or understanding why an xray machine can see inside my laptop, and my bag, but not inside my laptop while its in my bag. on the other story, I have been through hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. hugo was the worse one I remember, I was 4. most of the time these things happened I was in rather safe locations inside brick structures, so I have been lucky, and I was taught by my parents to have plenty of things, like batteries or things that work but don't require batteries on hand in those times, and I do love the invention of hand crank powered devices.

tomorrow, or this morning is Monday, I am sending off my laptop later today, and then work till midnight, doing my next blog then, then then then going camping for a few days, ill be attempting to film while I am out there and I hope I get a lot of the product reviews I wanted to go over, done with while out there.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

when it comes down to it

How bad does the world have to get for people to see it? I can see quite clear how much the world is controlled by well not even the governments but by one non federal, Private bank, called the federal reserve. this is the one bank in the united states that prints our money, then loans the money from the bank to the government, with interest. so from the first dollar printed by this bank we the country had debt. its called centralized banking and this is the second time our country had one, the first one, one of our presidents abolished. ( look it up ) as long as the US has this system the country will be in debt and its because of this debt, that we have to pay so many taxes, does no one else think it is so wrong that we pay taxes three times on some items? pay to buy it, pay to keep it, then pay to sell it. beyond that your paying taxes to make the money you need just to spend it? with all that wouldn't the government have an abundance of money from us? no because they are and will always be in debt. 
beyond all this dept too the only people making real money are the ones making the laws keeping this bank in business and the other companies that profit through this messed up system, credit cards, banks, loan agencies, and our current biggest rip off fad, gold buyers. they make money based on the idea that we will have debt. its like insurance, its a system based on the fact that you pay money for something you might need, not something you will, but might need. so if we want to continue to talk about the coming downfall of the economy it really fell before it was up, because the debt was always there, theres no way to pay it back. now I look at my useless bills I pay, cable, insurance, power, credit cards. I wish I had never used a credit card, and whats bad is I will have to use them again. car insurance I never use, I always pay cash to a lawyer to get me out of anything. cable? I pay for my internet and its overpriced for what I use it for. and power, well wouldn't it be nice to have the money I would save paying a power bill to invest in solar panels.

this goes back to my want to live off the grid, something I probably wont get to do just because of how my life has been so far, very sheltered, but some people who aren't as lucky as me to have good credit, or have even the job I do to afford this apartment live in tents, and they have a life with it, some do. like the rennies I made friends with at the renn faire when I worked there, I loved that life, and they lived quite well. well heres another example of tent living, though slightly more urban area. 


Friday, November 19, 2010

holidays are upon us

I know all next week will be thoughts of turkey day, well ill be in the woods filming, going through the shelter we build, and doing some product reviews of things I have while I'm out there. my idea of holidays are to avoid the shopping craze completely by being out in the middle of the woods. it seems like I will now be out there from Tuesday to Friday, then I have to be back at work on Saturday, the weather report is looking annoying for me, raining on two of the days out there, and it seems like a few of the people will probably be leaving in the middle of it for thanksgiving stuff, which is fine, but I am not leaving. and I know one person wont be leaving because I am driving them there, there I can hopefully ignore the rest of the world right before my wedding, thats my kind of party. main piece of tech ill have out there is my cell phone, the iphone, I have a flashlight with a charger, though I thought the solar panel charged the cellphone too, but it doesn't so thats points against it when I review the item. I should have bought a solar charger for it, I will eventually, I found one for only 30 dollars, on a tech site.

anyway I know I skipped yesterday it was boring, I worked, it was hard for me to work really with my thumb, the superglue I put on made my thumb swell, so I was able to peal it off, then I let it get air for all of last night after wrapping it up while at work. it is looking better now. also ill be sending off my computer for a few days on Monday, the LCD screen cracked.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first aid kit, and a reason to have one in your car

Well I said I was going to post my first aid kit and I did, I posted a video of it a few minutes ago, and now heres the list, but I also wanted to say, I was playing while at work, being stupid showing off the knife I made to my boss and cut my thumb, cut it rather deep, I should have had stitches, however I am cheap so its super glued shut which will work fine, ill also post a picture, but needless to say there wasn't a proper first aid kit at my work, my boss needs to restock, I had him go get my car kit, which I knew had proper things in my first aid kit. clean pads and such. so I stopped the bleeding, cleaned it out and my boss and I glued my skin together, then he went home for me to be closing manager like normal. just another day.

clean wipes/ wet wipes
hand lotion
safety pins
band aids
sterile saline solution
toilet paper
hair band/ rubber band
small ink pen
nail file
latex gloves
sterile unopened syringe
stretch bandaging
non stick bandage pads
hand sanitizer
small swiss army knife
anti itch cream
medications- benadryl, claritin, immodium

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing list

I have a few different lists here of things, we are taking between three people, the main thing we are leaving behind is a tent, thats all the luxury we are forfeiting right now
 General stuff-
toilet paper
cups, one per person metal for boiling ability if needed
camp knife, general purpose fixed blade knife, knight and I are taking the ones we made.
sleeping bags
5 gallon water container, it collapses, we aren't taking water, I know there is a stream out there we will be boiling water.
trash bags, really large ones
camp shovel, or as we have been saying a shit digger.
cooking pots, all modded to where I can use them with a tripod over a fire, were made for a camp stove.
flash lights, one of them being one with a radio/ weather radio/ cellphone charger.
rope, lots of rope.
first aid kit. ill go over this kit tomorrow
tarps, this is gonna be the main water proofing of the shelter we are making, just a general one I've seen on ray mear's shows, I do know I should practice before use, but I live in an apartment and my mother lives in a rental area too.

bleach, more water purification
peroxide, good for any possible wounds
magnesium fire lighting stick
hatchet, people have differnt preferences which is more useful, I like them both, hatchet is a lot better as a hammer too.
 jute twine
a simple .22 rifle
canvas- this is from where my mother worked making boat covers and this will be good ground cloth
hand sanitizer

Clothes-  we are going over thanksgiving in the foothills of NC so 40 degrees F is what the average is.
long underware, thermals,
thermal socks
blue jeans
t shirt, for me at least
boots with laces, always with laces
insulated suit
ear muffs
face mask, for the cold and my identity hidden from the camera  Hah
gloves, I have two pair one fingerless and one thicket and full gloves
and a change of socks and underwear.

for Our food its mainly gonna be soups and canned food while out there.

  this is the shelter we are going to use Ray mears video we are just adding tarps for more rain proofing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

semi happiness

whoa these next few weeks are gonna be insane busy for me, tomorrow interview with police officer to attempt to get sponsored to take class to learn how to be an officer in hopes of later getting hired as one. ( mouth full ) then camping trip which has had another day added to it, and wedding, yes a freaking wedding, Mine at that. and in between all those things, normal life and work and such. so uh topic, I really need to make up a camping list, or at least a bag list of things I have to if nothing else but to realize what I am missing, perhaps a second post tonight about that or tomorrow.. tomorrow is coming soon I dunno, hope everyone likes the minor changes I made to the blog, such such such...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Walking dead

I have seen every other survival blog speak about this already, and I think its a good show, its what into the 3rd or 4th ep, and I do love the show, and I believe that it does demonstrate some good survival ideas like them all having a bag, a go back, bug out bag, what ever you want to call it when they were in that building gathering food and supplies, I would advise against how they apparently had the one kid going in there by himself against all those undead. it showed a use for old style cbs and walkie talkies, for the fact that unlike cell phones they are not reliant on cell towers and power to be on for those things. it shows how the laws are easily dissolved once there is no police or military to be seen and since I have not heard or read this comic before I am curious to know if we will see any presence of an active military. in tonights show I enjoyed the idea behind keeping the fire low to avoid attraction. the family drama I don't really care about it but if you attempt to learn something out of everything you do as I do, then you avoid the things you don't care about.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


most people you know are probably impulsive in some way, I admit I am too. being impulsive... well I cant find a  good side to it, in a relationship too quick to jump in for a hard core relationship, when learning something you want to just know it rather than taking the time to research. its what makes people pick up a video or a movie rather than reading a book, and its what has made society want to buy everything they need rather than make it, because if you are making it, it isn't there in front of you instantly, there are many things that I buy pre-made I went on a bit of a shopping spree at the flea market, getting a shovel and a face mask, could I have made the shovel no, the face mask, yes. I know I could have knitted a mask just like I can knit gloves, is it feasible not really. I like my fingerless gloves that cost a dollar at tag rat and I like this face mask and I know ill need it at night on this upcoming camping trip.

but the fact that so many people want things instantly, like how many people get annoyed waiting at the dmv? why weren't you planning on going there, you know the dmv takes awhile so why be annoyed. take a book, its bothersome that through out my grade school years the teachers had gotten so lazy as to show us movies of books we then later read, why not just read them?

being impulsive while buying things makes a person spend unneeded money, make poor decisions and the list can go on, if you all can thing of something I've left out about being impulsive please list them in the comments.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to the future

isn't it a classic? even though they only went to the year 2000 and we were suppose to have flying cars that run off organic waste, perhaps we could have this if the governments would stop killing off the scientists that develop the technology that actually changes the world rather than promoting the ones that just theories and make cars that still run on gasoline.

ok so I am slightly anti government, and slightly anti military, but even that statement and the ones I said yesterday doesn't mean that I do not respect those that give their life for the sake of the united states, I just feel that at this point, nothing is being accomplished but death.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

veteran's day

Its a day to remember that people go out and fight wars for us, keeping the american dream... something. sorry I've never been a fan of the military, perhaps its just my upbringing but being born how I was I just didn't like the idea of the military in the mindlessness of being make into a nameless number of an army.yet beyond this funny enough I'm attempting to be a police officer. I have a thing against being like everyone else, and being myself, I don't know if I will make it as a cop but at least I did try, I think I would like more being a forest ranger, or a private investigator. I guess this day means little to me, but  I know it means a lot for the country.  so today I had the day off work and went to the flea market to get some camping stuff, I bought a camping shovel. yeah thats it, welcome to being a minimalist, I'm lying of course, I am a tech geek, I always end up having too much gear even if I try to gear down. ill go through my bag list later and let you guys tell me what you think is pointless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new day

I travel a lot, a bit, between my home and my mothers, so I always feel like I am camping out when I am there, I use my phone for my internet access and am paying rent for my apartment while not even there, I also have power and internet there, the only thing that is in constant use from me that I pay for is my phone, and thats something I've been paying for, for nearly 7 years and my second phone I got with this plan was a smart phone, so I've been used to the tech revolution for most of my life, and I had always wanted a computer got one after the other wasn't happy with them till I got my laptop. the ability to travel is awesome, and my phone being my internet completes it. that being said I am to the point that I do not need any new devices, my phone completes it. and iPhone, horrible pun really, I have an iPod and an iPhone that ends my apple devices and I probably would never get a mac computer, and the only reason I like the phone is that its jail-broken.

beyond my tech I use to be online and type right now, I am a gadget geek, and this is rather bad for me, monetary wise. because of this I work towards saving money and not buying my toys and realizing myself that before I got out of high-school, had a job, had money when I wanted something I didn't buy it, I made it from a very overactive imagination.

 I was a Lego kid, I loved building with them, before those Lincoln logs, these are toys that I hardly see advertised anymore and probably toys that kids never play with or learn from anymore, all the toys kids desire are the ones they see in the store and on TV, and the toys I played with were not advertised, but were very fun. ok then slightly went out on a tangent.

I was gonna show ya what knights knife looked like beside mine, since they were made at pretty much the same time but since they were done by two different people and his ideas of what he wanted in a knife and what I wanted, they ended up looking quite different.  because of the poor lighting in the picture they both look rusted, however this picture was taken at the same time as the others in my last post.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

knife finished for the most part

well this is it. it needs a little more sanding, and some linseed oil rubbed into it, but thats it, a knife I don't have to be scared of breaking and that I could hammer into a tree and stand on them. glad its done now on to making the sheath. probably be a leather one, looking for some stiff leather to make mine and knights with. anyway I like it..

Monday, November 8, 2010

just starting

one of the things I want people to realize when reading this blog, I am learning as I go, I am not an intense blogger, nor am I prepper, I like to think of myself as a person with a large mass of common sense, education wise, I have an associates in applied science, criminal justice degree. this does not mean that I am a cop, because I am not, I am probably just slightly more educated in laws than the average Joe.  I also do not think I could be a prepper, beyond that I do like planning and working on my own skills, I like to think that I could thrive in any situation, but unless you test that front it with routine, it isn't like to be the case.

so ever since I was a kid I liked to put myself in situations that set me at a disadvantage, walk around for a day.. without walking, like my legs were paralyzed, without an arm working, so on so forth, for that I can write with both hands, shoot guns and bows with both hands, and eat with my feet( nimble toes ) that was a lot of me just playing as a kid but they have improved my life in ways. like when I broke my hand, I found the two hardest things to do was brushing my hair and teeth with the other hand, so give it a try, use the hand that you ignore, for everything for a day.

perhaps one day ill seriously have the cash to make a bug out bag, or a car kit, right now all thats in my car is normal car stuff, first-aid kit and some clothes, others would probably say I'm lacking some stuff, and I'm probably forgetting to mention some super important thing I actually have. and I do know in winter my list of things in my car becomes large in ways of clothes, and I like the cold mind you, summer sucks to me you can only take so many clothes off, if your colder you can always put on another layer. and ill go through all the things ill be wearing on this upcoming camping trip, later, on video, perhaps i'll do a face reveal... that didn't last long but I didn't like being referred to as looking like a terrorist.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

cold weather

well to those all around the united states, we are entering winter, this next weekend we will be turning our clocks back, the fall back, and the cold snap has hit, and I have a camping trip planned over thanksgiving, I know its gonna be cold and im prepared for that, I do hope those coming with me are as prepared, it will be an interesting one when taking others with me who I have not gone camping with before, along with the shelter building and keeping a fire going during the night. I had to drive home tonight at 1 am, so thats why I kinda skipped a day in posting, but there was ice on my windshield, and on my car even after getting home, and I state this to the preppers, if you keep fluids in your car in case you run out, I would switch out that 50/50 antifreeze with straight antifreeze, I know I need to, because I have been putting straight water in the tank for a few months, beyond that my car has an antifreeze leak and I know this, but no money to deal with the problem anymore, ive replaced everything and I need to redo the seal on the water pump. so also to those preppers make sure you have warm clothes put in your car kits and bug out bags, it would be assumed that you switch out clothes for seasons. I remember a year ago, I was doing a job that required me to drive up into the mountains every night delivering meds to nursing homes easy job, but when my mothers car broke down and my mother and I were stranded on the top of a mountain pretty much, not in the clothes needed for that weather, I was only wearing my lighter leather coat and long pants, no gloves no hat, nothing. my mother wasn't wearing much better, but here we were stuck no triple A, and no idea who to call on our phones. beyond that, we didn't have any cash on us to even pay the tow truck so limited to only giving him 200 dollars, my mother was the only one who had money in her account, and it cost us that whole 200 to get down the mountain and back home in that car, it was the timing belt and that as a long ordeal to get that fixed. but after that I quickly figured out that at least the winter elements are not something to toy with so from then on during that job i kept my thermals, and thats what im planning on taking with me camping, I hope the others are that prepared.

Friday, November 5, 2010

lazy day, work day

well my morning was just me working on the knife while lying around the apartment, not the most exciting thing in the world I know, but its simple and it saves money, and money is something I do know that many people do not have much of. I also know that I am fortunate being able to afford my apartment, and all my other luxuries, especially knowing that there are people not even  miles away living in tents out in the woods in the outskirts of the city, I don't really know a way to feel sorry for these people for their ideas of not being able  to get a job, now I work a crappy job getting paid a sad hourly wage but I do get paid enough to live. last year I was between jobs and during this time between conventional jobs, I had three others that weren't taxed but I made enough to pay bills, one job was working at the renn faire, that was an interesting subculture of people who work and make a living by moving around, camping in tents where ever the faire is, like a carnival or a normal fair really, but just to see how much they made products, handmade things just to be sold at the renn faires because things there are semi required to be hand made, like the costumes I wore, had to be hand made because of the fabric and other uniform requirements. it was a nice job for me, and the most fun I have ever had at a job, I would love to live in that type of simplistic fashion, that is beyond off the grid living honestly, they live in tents permanently, no house payment, no power bill, only fuel to drive to the next job. living like a gypsy, a nomad in a modern world while working in a reenactment of an old world, it is an amusing thing to see behind that stage.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

knife making part duce

well after the few comments  I got from the people that saw the video telling me I looked like a terrorist for covering up as I did, so not the look I was going for, ill have to revise, the knife is looking good right now, did more grinding, and now stone polishing pictures don't show this well and I'm sure it wont look like much of a knife until a handle gets fitted on. 

so from what I know, what I need to learn what does everyone else want to see written? I have no problem testing out things, writing reviews, none of which I've done yet, guess I should, perhaps that will be next video since I didn't do any today with the knife work.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

knife making

well today besides working, I spent my entire day shaping a piece of scrap steel into a knife, I have not finished mind you, but I got a good chunk of the work done. since I had a partner on making this, we were making him one too, and filmed it, so me and knight are on video showing off the ease of making a knife simply with a 20 dollar grinder, now be it I have a lot of tools from my father and my grandfathers collecting, and they are all mine now, but it doesn't mean that they are all needed.  the video should be posted in a few minutes from this post, we are both covered up in it, keeping with the hiding of my appearance as an experiment, and it was interesting in the filming I called knight by his real name a few times and had to re-shoot the video for that section. beyond this I do hope to teach you something in this, and that is, that everything can be made, its a lot cheaper to buy a grinder/ grinding disks, than to buy a knife. same can be said for many things.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

few things about me

of the few things I want to reveal about myself if not already apparent. when I am speaking I jump around a lot, so I will at times jump around between different ideas while posting, I will attempt not to do this however it can not be guaranteed. that was just a semi word of warning to those that will be reading this, however on most information posts, I will try to slow down and make things more... readable.

on todays notes, today was voting day, on a county level anyway, I did not, probably a bad thing but I doubt It would have made a sliver of a difference.

survival, preping, and skills

in the end of the day, the deal with survival, or surviving any out come deals with preparation, now many people will stock up on food, and that is good, water is even better, but beyond that, for the impulsive person like me, who jumps into everything head on no looking back, skills are the best prep. learn to make something, it doesn't matter if its decoration for now, like hemp necklesses, my fiancĂ©e loves making these and sells them but beyond that she is learning how to make really strong rope out of anything. its a simple skill, and I had her teach me, it was fun.

lets start with whittling, and I will say that this is a completely free to learn skill, now you'll say wait, no you need a knife, why? why do you need a knife, it is easier to have one yes, but you do not need one, metal did not exist for many thousands of years yet people still made tools using stone, stone is easy in concept, harder in practice to work with, but once you learn it, a dry river bed is your haven for cutlery. you can easily look up on google for flint napping, stone napping so on and then get out and try it, cause you'll never learn if you do not try it.
beyond that. later on I will show ya how to make a simple knife without having anything to help me, by then perhaps I wont feel like hiding myself? maybe.

Hello and welcome

This is my start of something new, the idea behind this blog is to attempt to show and teach my idea behind a daily method of survival, this means me going out in the woods, or forests, showing off and reviewing gear, and demonstrating how to get a few things for free that are useful in survival. or even making your home life slightly more pleasant.

through this blog I will be voicing my opinions however I will attempt to remain anonymous which will be most likely hard for me.  so today ill throw up a few posts to get started then continue on with my daily grind of working a dead end job and paying the rent. comments and questions are welcome, on here or the you tube channel or the email address