Monday, June 27, 2011

The Camping trip

I always wonder why I only get to go on these once a year, and I think the reason is because of the people I go with. The idea behind me leaving the modern world behind is to get away from it and the people in it, the problem is I take people too far leaning on the crutch of the modern world.

I was impressed with my own abilities and knowledge out there, the hike was long and difficult but we made it to the campsite I had rented, during this I realized that it would have been far easier to be in a place where I could just walk  off trail or had there not even have been a trail and camped at the time I wanted rather than to rent a campsite.

The luxuries at the campsite were more than I expected, to the brochure a dugout toilet, apparently means to an out house, toilet paper supplied with a roof over it and a toilet seat. the wasps we had were just an outdoorsy option. I was prepared for the idea of digging my own latrine, had plenty of toilet paper of my own. Beyond that I do not think the dugout toilet was even used the female, my wife was afraid to even go in there for the wasps, she now has poison ivy in places.

I came out unscathed no poison ivy, oak, or sumac. I got a few mosquito bites I believe those little buddies got through my net I had around my hammock. which the hammock was a most pleasant way to camp, it was so fast to set up and even faster to take down. I need some better dry bags to store it in but it works well. the Eno system I have now works as it should.

For the other friend that came along with us we duplicated the Eno system buying parts and modifying them to work for the hammock, hobo hammock 19.99 bass-pro shop, two 7 foot tarps Walmart 9 dollars a piece( had to tie them together, and he didn't want to use trash-bags like I had first suggested), a bug-net from bass-pro shop 15 dollars ( it was made for a cot to go to the ground we modified it to hand and used Velcro to seal it together, it still needs some work), also bought some cheap straps to use, didn't really need them though because the lines on the hobo hammock were so long.

My wife, she had to have a tent. Tents are heavy and a pain, I made her learn how to set up the tent and take it down by herself, she also waterproofed the thing with spray from walmart, which is where the tent came from too 30 dollars.

both of there camping setups were cheaper than mine, but you could tell the differences, I think the only problem with the cheap solution was the bug-net, might have to buy a proper hammock bug-net for next time.

This was also the first camping trip I have even went on when it did not rain on me, during the entire hike the first day, I wanted it to rain just to cool me off, we drove through rain getting there, but the mountains  just pushed all that rain aside.