Friday, December 17, 2010

to Survive

What would you be willing to do?

Now I am not referring to the end of the world, Perhaps just the end of your world. You find yourself homeless your family dead, what do you do now? Do you live on the streets clam-mering on clinging to what you may still own squandered away from what is left of your own life? Will you sell those last possessions to get a bit further a grain of food in your stomach? What job would you be willing to do, what would be beyond what your pride would allow?

I know in my own mind, my capabilities I can and would do anything to promote my wellbeing, and in my slight heartless nature no longer having anyone would lead me to the point of no worries in my own actions. If you have no one to look down on you that you know, there is nothing to low for you to stoop to. This is probably too drastic for someone who living comfortably to think about, you have a home, internet service Television most likely, a family pet you pay to take care of, children, these are all luxuries that most do not find as such. Television seems to be thought as a god given right anymore, and I find it to be the least necessary thing I pay for, it only adds to the time I waste spending it retaining information that has no suiting to my everyday lifestyle.

would you turn a trick as my mother says to obtain money? meaning towards prostitution, be a servant of some other sort, clean what others will not. anymore these are not even jobs that lower class people seem to be able to obtain, they go to foreigns that are now in the country, yet thought to be good job in england, working for noble being given room and food for service, but that is an era far past.
Now what most people stoop to is food service jobs, fast food, Mc Donald's is a low job for most, Walmart mostly unthinkable, just yet, obtainable if you look and ask.
so why I ask are there so many homeless? because if you do not try before the world falls out from under you, if you do not lie just slightly while you are already damned. If you say you do not have a home, no job will hire you anywhere. so what would you do to obtain a home? or would you lie.

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