Sunday, October 12, 2014

how are we all surviving in these days since I've discontinued writing in this blog, so much has happened this year that made me want to run back practically screaming about my opinions. we have ebola in america now and even having killed one person in america, not to mention the 3000 killed in africa. we have isis having started up and become another force against the general good. somehow this is who we left in power after leaving from the war we went to there. america still trying not to get into a civil war but now we are doing air attacks on targets, im not going to stay that im for or against the bombings, I believe isis needs to be stopped but I also think there is alot that isnt being mentioned in main media like normal.
something ive been going crazy with was my passwords online, ive had to change them all over and over again, to the point of never remembering all of them I have a pad of paper with me full of passwords and websites beside my laptop or tablet. I know I have missed many things that have happened over the time I have been quiet but I just felt like posting here, I also have my other blog and websites ive been working on, I have a paranormal consulting website and my main general not survivalist or prepper blog.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's been awhile since I've even looked at this place let alone thought about writing. When I first created this blog I was almost a different person, over the years I've been gone, I have still been down from life in general, lost my reason for doing a lot of things including prepping. I am still a survivalist in working on the same skills to master to be able to sustain myself in an outdoor situation which is what I wanted in my arsenal of skills.
I realize writing this may have no meaning to anyone who is reading, but at one point I think I had readers, I haven't seen any responses to any posts when I did them so it didn't give me much of a want to continue.