Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Storms and Rambles

This year has been interesting. We had a wild winter, a white Christmas that had people snowed in. I had to go to work the day after Christmas though, just because I have a bad job. Tornado's ripped through Alabama and NC/ few other states, the Mississippi river is flooded. I think the big question would be, Is this normal? I do not remember it being normal, not in my childhood, teenage years or where I am now. we are breaking record books or coming close to with this weather. I remember el nino and la nina when they hit seeing that summer haze on the water. I remember when it snowed in NC in 93. seeing it last year I saw it snow on Christmas, and that is something I have never seen.

The purpose of this blog is to go through survival ideas, mine mostly, perhaps others if they decided to send in articles they write, or if I get a helping author. life is lived constantly on expectations, I normally know what to expect with the weather, which extremes I have to deal with for the area I live in, since I have lived in the same state in the same county my entire life. Life has thrown me many curve balls, loosing houses, moving many times, my father passing, its all things I look at, turn off, and move on. A person tends to worry about their own well being, if you are to continue living the way you expect, in the environment you are used to. I suppose I am rambling out of the many things I miss in this world, as prices soar for every product nameable, I guess the price of expectations has gone up most of all

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stages in life

It is human nature to always look for something new, want the next thing, perhaps even being unachievable. I have a new car, making payments on it yes. Next thing in my life is to move from my apartment to some place bigger. I think its a possible approach to go from renting to owning a home in this current market. All of these foreclosed homes in my area could lead to me having a larger home for a price per month cheaper than what I pay for rent. There are so many websites out now listing free and paid for foreclosed homes. I think my next step will be to look through them. It is odd for me to go from canceling television and internet because of the added bill, to thinking about moving, but if I can make the move cheaper on me than my current rent, then it is a profitable situation.

Even in these times leading toward economic downfall, and possible shtf there is still room to improve your situation and control your surroundings.