Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is an interesting game that if done correctly teaches an interesting set of skills. the idea behind the game is to find a geo cache near your home or near a destination you are taking for that day, I could have probably found many of them out in Cherokee when I went, but I was enjoying the relaxing too much for that. I know there are several geo caches near my house and have thought about making another one near me.
I have only found one geo cache and thats near my wife school it was done by one of the classes there.
what you do is go to the website and download the set of coordinates for the location of the cache and plug it into a gps, which it could also go into a detailed map, you go out search for it on food, the website gives a lot of information for helping you hunt, but most of the information comes from the person that set out the cache and those that have already found it, perhaps given a hint or something to that nature, and there are some code hints in the name some times. then once you get to the given area, since gps isn't completely accurate, you have to look around. which this makes for some skills there, looking for something that is meant to be hidden, like an explosive device perhaps. it gives a slight attempt to make you more aware of your surroundings, more so if you go and look at the site and see how many geo-caches are near your home. it might surprise you how many there are.
if  you don't have a gps, use a map, I first downloaded the app to my iphone and tried it. I had fun dragging the wife through some woods to that one cache and I want to try it again, I still haven't found the one thats at the store near where I work.

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