Monday, November 8, 2010

just starting

one of the things I want people to realize when reading this blog, I am learning as I go, I am not an intense blogger, nor am I prepper, I like to think of myself as a person with a large mass of common sense, education wise, I have an associates in applied science, criminal justice degree. this does not mean that I am a cop, because I am not, I am probably just slightly more educated in laws than the average Joe.  I also do not think I could be a prepper, beyond that I do like planning and working on my own skills, I like to think that I could thrive in any situation, but unless you test that front it with routine, it isn't like to be the case.

so ever since I was a kid I liked to put myself in situations that set me at a disadvantage, walk around for a day.. without walking, like my legs were paralyzed, without an arm working, so on so forth, for that I can write with both hands, shoot guns and bows with both hands, and eat with my feet( nimble toes ) that was a lot of me just playing as a kid but they have improved my life in ways. like when I broke my hand, I found the two hardest things to do was brushing my hair and teeth with the other hand, so give it a try, use the hand that you ignore, for everything for a day.

perhaps one day ill seriously have the cash to make a bug out bag, or a car kit, right now all thats in my car is normal car stuff, first-aid kit and some clothes, others would probably say I'm lacking some stuff, and I'm probably forgetting to mention some super important thing I actually have. and I do know in winter my list of things in my car becomes large in ways of clothes, and I like the cold mind you, summer sucks to me you can only take so many clothes off, if your colder you can always put on another layer. and ill go through all the things ill be wearing on this upcoming camping trip, later, on video, perhaps i'll do a face reveal... that didn't last long but I didn't like being referred to as looking like a terrorist.

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