Saturday, November 13, 2010


most people you know are probably impulsive in some way, I admit I am too. being impulsive... well I cant find a  good side to it, in a relationship too quick to jump in for a hard core relationship, when learning something you want to just know it rather than taking the time to research. its what makes people pick up a video or a movie rather than reading a book, and its what has made society want to buy everything they need rather than make it, because if you are making it, it isn't there in front of you instantly, there are many things that I buy pre-made I went on a bit of a shopping spree at the flea market, getting a shovel and a face mask, could I have made the shovel no, the face mask, yes. I know I could have knitted a mask just like I can knit gloves, is it feasible not really. I like my fingerless gloves that cost a dollar at tag rat and I like this face mask and I know ill need it at night on this upcoming camping trip.

but the fact that so many people want things instantly, like how many people get annoyed waiting at the dmv? why weren't you planning on going there, you know the dmv takes awhile so why be annoyed. take a book, its bothersome that through out my grade school years the teachers had gotten so lazy as to show us movies of books we then later read, why not just read them?

being impulsive while buying things makes a person spend unneeded money, make poor decisions and the list can go on, if you all can thing of something I've left out about being impulsive please list them in the comments.

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