Monday, August 29, 2011

Tough life

This post will very slightly... but this is my place so grin and bare it.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs its a pyramid it starts on the bottom. Level by level it tells of a persons needs, how they relate to ones survival and then to their well being, not just surviving but thriving.

physiological needs without these you cant live, air, water, food
next comes to safety, ( no dancing please ) this is what most preppers think about, in your home, psychological, so on so forth. I have this completely I feel safe.. but perhaps I have not been providing it properly for another..

this next need is love, belonging, if you are safe and only then can you love.. I love a lot, here in lies my current problem, it is between these two needs.  my love is complete, I know who I love, I know how to love. and its a damaging thing... but it isn't.. its a need, you need to love yourself you need to have love of others without it you are just surviving.

after love he puts esteem which I believe just goes in with love.. having self esteem and self respect is just love for yourself

after all this.. self actualization. I don't have a good one for this honestly so you get text book's_hierarchy_of_needs

lets hope my life..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hurricane and earthquake, ask and ye shall receive

Well apparently there is now a hurricane slightly heading towards me. hurricane Irene, I have been watching the weather channel regularly, and not but a few minutes ago an earthquake happened in Virginia. Do not know any damage reports yet, also it was apparently felt south of me in Charlotte coming north of me in Virginia, and of course I felt nothing. from the reports they are shutting down some am-track trains on the east coast.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Been awhile

Yeah yeah I did not forget about this. I've just been busy with work and other hobbies. And basically I do not know what to write right now. Perhaps just a little empty on survival advice. Right now in my environment the heat has finally broke for the year hopefully the power bill hasn't killed you from using the ac. And if you weren't using ac more power to ya. I personally can't wait for winter, I much enjoy the cold over the heat. I have been surprised that there have nit been more hurricanes I thought for sure that there would be some bad hurricanes this year, but so far I have been wrong.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

survival camp?

reading this article I have a wonder as to why these kids weren't accompanied by and adult. Now I know when I was 17 I went out on a 2 week camping trip, but I was in one location, in a friends woods at that. Also I think they had to do something to provoke this bear, note it was a mother and her cub. I think I would have backed away slowly or the old play dead. I don't even know all to avoid a bear attack.  There is also the sure fire way of avoidance, do not go where bears are.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hows everyone enjoying the heat?

Well, I haven't had much time off over the last few weeks and when I have, I have felt dead to the world. I have myself just generally been reading my blog roll not writing as you can tell. I have even thought about making other blogs on other topics, kinda a dumb idea when I have stopped keeping up this one as well as I had been.
The news has been talking about the debt ceiling which means little to mean in their terminology, but basically to keep the government afloat they want to put themselves and thus us in more debt, it isn't like we haven't been in debt since the day we were born.

All the more radical people are starting to say the world is changing and that there will be a big change for us, but the world is always changing, shifting and stopping and starting again. This should be nothing new for the people of the world, just look at history, the roman empire, to the fall, then the dark ages, and it cycles through to the Renaissance. 

words from me, Just keep doing what you are doing.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Camping trip

I always wonder why I only get to go on these once a year, and I think the reason is because of the people I go with. The idea behind me leaving the modern world behind is to get away from it and the people in it, the problem is I take people too far leaning on the crutch of the modern world.

I was impressed with my own abilities and knowledge out there, the hike was long and difficult but we made it to the campsite I had rented, during this I realized that it would have been far easier to be in a place where I could just walk  off trail or had there not even have been a trail and camped at the time I wanted rather than to rent a campsite.

The luxuries at the campsite were more than I expected, to the brochure a dugout toilet, apparently means to an out house, toilet paper supplied with a roof over it and a toilet seat. the wasps we had were just an outdoorsy option. I was prepared for the idea of digging my own latrine, had plenty of toilet paper of my own. Beyond that I do not think the dugout toilet was even used the female, my wife was afraid to even go in there for the wasps, she now has poison ivy in places.

I came out unscathed no poison ivy, oak, or sumac. I got a few mosquito bites I believe those little buddies got through my net I had around my hammock. which the hammock was a most pleasant way to camp, it was so fast to set up and even faster to take down. I need some better dry bags to store it in but it works well. the Eno system I have now works as it should.

For the other friend that came along with us we duplicated the Eno system buying parts and modifying them to work for the hammock, hobo hammock 19.99 bass-pro shop, two 7 foot tarps Walmart 9 dollars a piece( had to tie them together, and he didn't want to use trash-bags like I had first suggested), a bug-net from bass-pro shop 15 dollars ( it was made for a cot to go to the ground we modified it to hand and used Velcro to seal it together, it still needs some work), also bought some cheap straps to use, didn't really need them though because the lines on the hobo hammock were so long.

My wife, she had to have a tent. Tents are heavy and a pain, I made her learn how to set up the tent and take it down by herself, she also waterproofed the thing with spray from walmart, which is where the tent came from too 30 dollars.

both of there camping setups were cheaper than mine, but you could tell the differences, I think the only problem with the cheap solution was the bug-net, might have to buy a proper hammock bug-net for next time.

This was also the first camping trip I have even went on when it did not rain on me, during the entire hike the first day, I wanted it to rain just to cool me off, we drove through rain getting there, but the mountains  just pushed all that rain aside.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camping trip

Well normally I do not post on Sunday's but I havent posted in a few days so I thought I would update a bit. Had a friend over for a bit. The wife,I and the friend are going camping tomorrow for three days out on a nature reserve. Trying my hardest to pack light. Packing light isn't an easy thing but I am going with my hammock and bug net, my friend is going the same way and my wife is taking a tent. I'll relay anything I learn from this experience and I will hopefully see some good sights and have a slight rest from my work. However I do know camping is still a lot of work.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Fun/ Summer Heat

Seems every time I come in here to blog its about the freaking weather. I am not a weather man I swear, I just realize that the thing that effects our lives most of all is the weather, you would realize this a lot more if your car leaked I am sure. At the temp we are at right now in the south AC is a godsend if not needed completely I have been trying to avoid using it in my car but it is difficult. Where I live in the city ac is needed for a few reasons and those same reasons are why ac is needed in a car, one being no shade, in this apartment no trees cover it at all, when I lived out in that old lake house I loved, trees hundreds of years old dwarfed everything, and covering over the house and all the ground around me, shade over a home makes a big differences in how cool it gets.

Now about in your car, state highways rarely have shade, beyond that your car does not have curtains. simple?

In your house please be smart, close the curtains in the afternoon, during the hottest times of the day, letting the sun in kills any chance you have of cooling off the place, even if you are not using ac close the curtains, and let the wind blow the air in through them, or place a fan in the window.

beyond all this, carry water with you, this should be your side arm in this heat, dehydration sucks, if kills people every year, more and more younger adults want to drink sodas, and sugar drinks for thirst rather than water, there really should not be a substitution,  and if you are about taste, get over it, train your taste buds and body to just prepare for it, drink water, drink it hot, you never know when you might need the ability to do so, get your picky kids to do it too.

I know this from my own past experiences and my own past spoiled nature. I did not like just plain water. went on a long camping trip, two weeks, ended up in the hospital in the middle of it. My friends and I had all the supplies needed to survive out there, but our bodies were not prepared. your body is the most important thing remember to train yourself for anything.

I dislike thinking that is only June and this warm already, because this same camping trip, was eight years ago now, in the middle of June and I remember being cold at night outside, now it would only feel comfy, and miserable during the day, just like it was this last week when I went on a hike through those same woods. Still I plan on a camping trip later this month. I hope it will be cooler up on those mountains.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

In my own back yard
This story is what I am referring, I knew nothing about what was going on as it was today, TV wasn't on news, radio wasn't on, neither was the police scanner. I was at a store today looking at a nice pump water filter, debated buying it, now I almost think I should have. I also own gas masks, it wouldn't help in everything but it would be something if nothing more than piece of mind and keeping the smells out. I dislike not being aware of my surroundings, I also do not trust the news or epa saying the air is clear. I believe they will not matter what the situation is, will down play the effect anything that happens to the environment or the people in the area. They evacuated a 2 mile area, they probably should have went further. now its beyond that point of needing to know, its already happened, its settling and wont know the effect until it happens, if it happens to us. More and more its these smaller scenarios  that can lead to a large problem. I think already we have a large problem.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The end of the world wasn't

Well I knew this would happen, the end didn't or more accurately rapture didn't happen. So I suppose e all continue on prepping for the next big thing 2012 I guess. I honestly do not think anything will happen then. There are a lot of odd dates this year and next in numerology but I do not think much of that system either. What we have to work and worry for are more of the same things we see everyday like the tornados and the earthquakes and hurricanes. Not some massive repeat of an ice age or god coming to force us to repent for our wrongs.

If rapture happened the only innocence taken would be unborn children. Everyone sins.

I am but a few posts away from 100 so maybe I'll get a guest poster sometime. Until then it's just me. I am not being a good prepped or mimilist right now I am in one of my moods. Tying to find my own happiness right now and failing and faulting with my self for trying. But I am still here lIke everyone else.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well I really only heard about this yesterday so its interesting, apparently this guy Harold Camper did this same game back in 1994 and as you can see with us still being here, nothing happened, but apparently to him the world will end in October and we have a few months of torture. 

We have news articles, wiki articles, so on so forth, also amusing to coincide is an article that looks like a troll from cdc 

so uh prepare for whatever might happen and carry a large knife. I doubt anything will happen honestly. I feel the same for 2012.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Storms and Rambles

This year has been interesting. We had a wild winter, a white Christmas that had people snowed in. I had to go to work the day after Christmas though, just because I have a bad job. Tornado's ripped through Alabama and NC/ few other states, the Mississippi river is flooded. I think the big question would be, Is this normal? I do not remember it being normal, not in my childhood, teenage years or where I am now. we are breaking record books or coming close to with this weather. I remember el nino and la nina when they hit seeing that summer haze on the water. I remember when it snowed in NC in 93. seeing it last year I saw it snow on Christmas, and that is something I have never seen.

The purpose of this blog is to go through survival ideas, mine mostly, perhaps others if they decided to send in articles they write, or if I get a helping author. life is lived constantly on expectations, I normally know what to expect with the weather, which extremes I have to deal with for the area I live in, since I have lived in the same state in the same county my entire life. Life has thrown me many curve balls, loosing houses, moving many times, my father passing, its all things I look at, turn off, and move on. A person tends to worry about their own well being, if you are to continue living the way you expect, in the environment you are used to. I suppose I am rambling out of the many things I miss in this world, as prices soar for every product nameable, I guess the price of expectations has gone up most of all

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stages in life

It is human nature to always look for something new, want the next thing, perhaps even being unachievable. I have a new car, making payments on it yes. Next thing in my life is to move from my apartment to some place bigger. I think its a possible approach to go from renting to owning a home in this current market. All of these foreclosed homes in my area could lead to me having a larger home for a price per month cheaper than what I pay for rent. There are so many websites out now listing free and paid for foreclosed homes. I think my next step will be to look through them. It is odd for me to go from canceling television and internet because of the added bill, to thinking about moving, but if I can make the move cheaper on me than my current rent, then it is a profitable situation.

Even in these times leading toward economic downfall, and possible shtf there is still room to improve your situation and control your surroundings.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Road

Over the course of a few nights, I read this book at night while being unable to sleep. I downloaded the book to my phone, and read it in the dark, for me I never saw this book as story book really, I gathered information from it mostly. Learning the biggest thing they seemed to stress in the book. Have good shoes. Through out the story of this book I thought the idea behind a man as depressed as he was and his son actually to make it through this Barron world that was described. All plants and most animals seem dead, from fires or some other disaster, the air filled with ash, and they are walking along a road in aim to go south. They did not give a reason for them to be going south, the only reason I saw in the book was the idea of avoiding winter. which they went through many hard nights, some when they had a fire some nights not, they remained careful to keep themselves hidden for fear of other people. Apparently people lacking a food source will kill anyone else if needed, like we didn't already think this. This man and his son neither of which are ever given names in the book remain aware of their surroundings while always on the move even when finding random points of Paradise. This is not a bad book, the dialog between the man and the boy was a bit hard for me to follow. 

I do realize there is a movie to this book, I didn't read good things, but there is one thing I know about myself, if I read the book I do not care about seeing the movie, If I watch the movie I get very interested in the book.

I hope I did not give too much away with this book.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay I do believe my wife has this figured out, in this receipt she bought 14 things? Two bags of frozen veggies meals, Three bags of frozen corn, 5 power bar energy bars( why did we need these I do not know?), Four tubes of toothpaste( finally something we needed).  retail price 37.46 she paid 7.98, 30 dollars saved, its not 1000 dollars worth of food but it is a start. She did this in a hurry tonight because she saw sales were going to end so she acted quickly on them, do not know if that was good or not.

In other news for me. I had to cancel my tv/internet wont really effect me being here I still have my phone to use for a modem. This just reduces my speed online greatly.

Oh yeah Osama bin laden was killed I think. I prefer more confirmation and I dislike the sight of the president patting himself on the back taking the credit hoping for his own reelection when it was a soldier that did the work.

Friday, April 29, 2011

all work all play

I have kept my plate quite full, after healing from my eye I have been constantly working, and when not attempting to be social in the world. my hand is broken still but I am moving around it working left handed mostly.

Crazy weather huh? To all those hit by the tornado, I am sorry, I wish you the best, and condolences to loved ones you may have lost. I suppose when not living in a flood plane or earthquake area, hurricanes and tornadoes are coming and we should just move under ground. This weather is odd, in NC I have seen and lived through one tornado in my area in my life before this year. that means 25 years, I have seen one, and that was when I was in grade school, elementary school mind you. I honestly believe this new condition's of weather are the effected jet stream from the gulf oil spill but I will never be able to confirm this unless the government decides to do so.

That being said, I am doing well beyond being broke and broken. my mind just needs time to recharge for some new content to be unleashed here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme couponing attempt 2

This time, smaller haul attempt and it was just my wife going out while I was at work. Baileys Coffee Creamer, she only bought one bottle, costing  2.15 with tax, she had two coupons for a dollar off coupons for the item, ended up paying .15 for the bottle, odd thing in these attempts, we really didn't need the creamer beyond getting a new flavor I suppose.

I would honest like to see our possibility of making a shopping trip and paying little to no money for most of the items, and I will keep trying for this goal for now, in some way I am sure we are saving money. With Fuel prices continuing on the up I believe everyones pockets are nearing empty or at least hurting. I just hope with these shows now on tv, that have caught my notice, and the notice of others, do not effect the coupons, or stores doubling them, or accepting them all together in the way people are using them on these shows. I heard a conversation about it between a cashier and a customer while in line at the local store today.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme couponing wtf?

Well it has been awhile hasn't it? its been a bad two weeks for me really, I am typing currently with a healing broken hand, and a healing scratched cornea in my right eye. I have been kinda out of commission for the internet, Yet I still had to work. Today on my first day off in awhile and not injured too badly I made it my mission to attempt this couponing thing I have been seeing on Television. Last night after returning home from work, watched an episode of this show Extreme couponing and started looking online, my wife informed me of a website called and I really had to go on help from my wife since the show its self does not show the store names, or the websites where they get the coupons or how they get so many.
found a deal on this website at CVS Pharmacy for 5 for 5 on floss, tooth brushes, tooth paste and a few other random soaps. Then they show a printable coupon for reach brand floss a dollar off, and coupons 2 dollars off two reach tooth brushes, I print off enough of these coupons to get 4 packages of floss and 6 toothbrushes, this should be two of the 5 for 5 deals, for free.

At the store, there were 4 floss packages, and no toothbrushes, so we attempt going to another store, other store there is only one package of floss. In the end we go back to the first store, get the 4 packages of floss, no toothbrushes, and a bottle of Listerine that was included in the 5 for 5 deal. my total? It should have been 1.08 by my logic, a dollar for the item I did not have a coupon for and the NC state sales tax for that item, No the total was 1.40 I paid sales tax on 5 items, 4 of which were free. I was taxed by the state for something that was free, do help me understand this?

Monday, April 11, 2011

hiking randomly

Yesterday was a friends birthday, the wife made him a very interesting cake
Beyond that we bullshitted around at his house, but I was bored, I wanted to go do something, not wanting to force the birthday guy into doing anything really we went out to the cars, talked more and agreed to go get another friend, from there we, or should I say I just started driving, to the point where even my wife wondered where we were going, I drove up to the mountains. we walked through a little town first, then jumped on the blue-ridge parkway stopped at a few overlooks, then thought about driving out to linville falls.
We did not make it to linville but along the way there was a parking area and a set of trails, and my friends wanted to go hiking. this was at 6:30 or so at night, it would get dark soon, I pulled out the three flashlights I had, grabbed my Go bag, and my wife had hers, we went off up this trail.
My friends including the birthday boy were barefoot going up this trail since they were wearing flipflops out. I guess I should have warned them, I ended up going barefoot down the trail letting my wife have my shoes since her flats weren't working for her. I was the only one wearing proper shoes.

I had my camera, but did not get many pictures and they are all dark since there was no lighting. From this random trip for me I figured out I need one more flashlight between us, 4 people with three flashlights wasn't quite cutting it, also I should just keep my waders in my car so I can loan out other shoes I am wearing, or keep a pair for my wife in the car.
If I hadn't had to work today I could have and would have stayed up there, My friends were in the same frame of mind, my wife was the only one that wanted to leave.

it took us at slow speed an hour both ways on this trail, I forget the name of the trail but we parked at rough ridge parking, and hiked the shortest trail, if we had had more gear, IE proper shoes we could have done a longer one.

To end this night, I drove back down the mountain and took us all drinking, I still couldn't bring myself to drink, but they had fun.

I threw in a picture since ya cant see anyone really. They liked climbing though.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy week

This week has been quite busy and stressful for me, I bought a new Vehicle, a Suzuki vitara. I am glad to have the suv styling I wanted, I wish the car looked better though, but it was cheapish I think. I am rather lost about buying cars, but I had to finance it, take out a loan to get it, which has me annoyed and in a bit of debt, which is something I have never had to deal with. Regardless, I have more space for while driving, its a better shtf vehicle.

In the news today, another large earthquake in japan, was a possible tsunami warning but it was canceled. and also a possible or certain US government shutdown. I don't really have too much information on either. I am also running dry on content so if someone wants to throw me a bone.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your First Shelter. Clothes.

If you are ever outdoors you should realize that the only thing between you and the elements is your clothing, and your clothing counts, so what you wear is everything. In any climate hot or cold layering is always key, wearing light layers in the summer, and thicker layers in the winter. The types of fabric you layer with also factor greatly, such as light cotton in t-shirts versus heavyweight cotton as in flannel, in the winter the main fabric you want to focus on for warmth is wool, if you need to keep warm in any situation wool is the way to go. wool keeps its warming ability when it wet, which if you are outdoors, camping, hiking, at some point you will get wet.

Even if you plan on going camping or prepare for a shtf in the summer time, and you are updating your BOB for the summer, remember that it does still get cold and chilly at night. My main camping style is in a hammock going light weight, and in a hammock you always get a breeze running up the bottom.

my information here is expanded on in many books, from writers who had editors and threw much more into their work. I am having a hard time as of late staying focused on this blog. this tidbit of information was pulled from but not word for word or any lack of knowledge of my own, from Les Stroud in his survivor man shows and his book Survive.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Survival kits go mainstream

It amuses me greatly to walk around the stores I normally do in my mall walk, and see pseudo survival kits, Barnes and nobles can hold a great many treasures, mainly proper books on the subject, I have bought Les Stroud's Survive book, highly recommended, and I start at Cody Lundin's books debating whether to buy them or not, Though I am waiting to finish current books for it. These next few objects I do not recommend buying.

This is a handy gem is it not? Beyond the fact that someone opened the box and there were parts missing from it, a canteen, flashlight and a few pouches and an old book. since I can not find these on the website I am going to assume they are ashamed of selling it and do not want me to remember the price.

These two things would be good for a young cub scout yes, but don't young boys go into cub scouts for the cool toys, like pocket knives and fire starting implements, I know thats why I wanted to go in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Battery powered

An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.[1] Since the invention of the first battery (or "voltaic pile") in 1800 by Alessandro Volta, batteries have become a common power source for many household and industrial applications. According to a 2005 estimate, the worldwide battery industry generates US$48 billion in sales each year,[2] with 6% annual growth.[3]

quoted from Wikipedia 

think of how many things in your house are now battery powered, or can be, flashlights are the first thing I am sure you think of. flash lights were just some of the first things we had use for batteries, there are now cameras, cars, tvs, radios, clocks, portable fans. 
Batteries have made a lot of our life portable. and usable in any weather. Remember that next time you are driving around, talking on your cellphone, they are all powered by batteries.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out of commission

My Car is anyway, for the old boy, a 94 saturn sc2. not the most family friendly car in the world, I honestly have hated the thing since moving out on my own, and a year or so before that. No room for friends, no room for stuff, and really no room for moving. Which I have done three times while owning this car. This would be the worse family car in the world, short of a smart car. Either way I have to find a way to sell a mostly non working car that is really good on gas when it runs. I hope I can get a nice suv for myself. This is only the second car I have owned, I am not very experienced in buying cars, or selling them. Okay, I have never sold a car, I drive them till they die. I avoid car payments like the plague. Also, sorry no news.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the job

I know I threw the glued to the news post into the everyday dangers, but I thought it fit as a general disaster that could happen everyday.

This next everyday danger, your job. Now I cant cover every profession, I wont even go far into my own lowly demeaning job, but there is something all jobs deal with, people. Now your Office, your restaurant, store, construction site, farm, etc. Every single job deals with more than one person. People can panic in any crisis or disaster making it worse. These people in japan, them not panicking, not looting, not killing each other, that is part of their core values. other countries aren't like that, I know america isn't. If or when something happens, we arm up and wait for someone to break in or are the person breaking in. This everyday danger is about people, your neighbors, people down the street, your co-workers. Do you know where their loyalties lie? How much have you told them about yourselves, have they been in your house, do they know if you prep, own a gun, have valuables?

I know its wrong to think so ill of other people around me, that was just my upbringing, I have always seen the worst in people. I see what wrong they can do, and my thinking has rarely been wrong, and there are so many sayings from it. Perhaps you will say that its my lack of Christian character, I wasn't a church going child, nor am I as an adult, I do, do on to others how I would want others to do on to me, normally it just brings them to stab me when the area is open.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I am Cynical, uptight and slightly hostel toward others, but like so many others, I was made this way, by living in this time, in this country. I bare no ill will to anyone, and I can be your best most forgiving friend, however for my troubles, please do not just shit on me later.

How many times can you be open and trusting, and be dealt a blow before you stop trusting the world?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday News

The News? Pretty much the same, Friday was the prediction day for radiation hitting the west coast of the US, and I did not hear much in the way of news about it, there are reports from a few airports about some passengers setting off the radiation detectors from japan, honestly this is expected. That right there makes it amusing of how much its trying to be covered up by the government. Potassium iodide pills are either sold out or now going for a very hefty price on the internet, after searching local stores on the east coast I was unable to find them. Potassium Iodide is a drug or liquid that is suppose to protect your thyroid from radiation poisoning, but has several side effects.

News reports are few and far between about the radiation issues, many of the reports I find are from other bloggers, so I don't know to trust them or not.

The mainstream media is going back and forth focusing on the presidents actions for Libya, which shows another conflict we probably will stick our nose into that doesn't need to be done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glued to the News

Literally I have been, working or not, this has me stressed out, I do not know anyone in japan, but just watching the news I see how much they are not telling us, you compare the information coming out of cnn, to bbc, the information is different in leaps and bounds, then compare it to the videos in youtube or the messages all over twitter, stark differences, its easy to see that this era, the news is all on the internet, and not even on old news media sources, if you want the news, you have to know where to look. The best way to know where, twitter, people broadcast their lives, their stories, and their problems. 

From the many stories I've read or watched about japan, there was a 9.0 earthquake, for japan they had minor damage from this because of how many earthquakes they apparently have over there, (not a piece of news we hear everyday) they have most of their building codes to withstand a 7.5 quake. the tsunami went 6 miles inland, now that the tide has drawn from the tsunami the island is 12 wider, the tsunami also hit Hawaii and California, doing some damage to California' coast, mostly to boats. 

A nuclear power plant was in the path of the tsunami, the tsunami knocked out power from the area causing this power plant to be unable to cool its 6 ( I believe) reactors, one by one these have been heating up, during this time the USS ronald Regan was approaching to aid japan, yet stopped and moved further from the coast after a helicopter detected radiation. that was about 2 days ago. 

between then and now I have heard back and forth of reactors and buildings exploded or didn't explode, or did explode but didn't cause a meltdown. This is all depending on which network, or news source you are reading or listening to. 

What I understand is, Japan hasn't had any help in cooling the reactors, from anyone, they have been trying to cool them with water which has cause hydrogen explosions,( thats quoted from cnn) they have gone back and forth saying there is no meltdowns or there is, BUT I know they are evacuating people for "possible" radiation leaks( and even CNN is saying that this company that owns the plant hasn't been completely forth coming with information.)  There have been explosions, between the reports and a US aircraft carrier not getting closer to help, beyond that some people have already been tested positive for radiation, I state that one or more of those reactors is leaking radiation. they have been telling people to keep their skin covered if they must go out, or just to stay inside. Honestly full chemical suit would be handy at this point for those people. 

I was dumbfounded at the first reports telling people to cover their mouths with a wet washcloth, I was thinking what could that accomplish. 

Now What news you may not have heard! there has also been a volcano eruption in japan, right like there were not enough problems, it was north of most of this from what I recall. New Jersey is flooded, still, and the Ohio river is close to flooding, so there are some problems close to home that I have not seen even hitting the news, which is why my segment on them is also rather small. 

sorry I've been missing for almost a week, work has had me stressed, my car broke down, which didn't put me in a happy place, now tomorrow I get to attempt to fix it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Current news

I know no one in their right mind uses just me as a source for news, for god I hope not, but at about 3 am est last night there was a 8.9 earthquake near japan, many people are dead from this, and we have tsunamis that have hit japan putting much of the coast under water, they have tried to shut down all the nuclear power plants in japan, there have been back and forth reports saying one is incapable of being shut down from the water.

the two places also at risk for Americans is California and Hawaii, the tsunami is coming for both coastlines, Hawaii is evacuating everyone to higher ground in hotels and such, off of the first floor. For Hawaii it was a warning for the entire state. Just head on over to for updated news and such.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bad tv shows, guides.

First off, I am still here, I haven't gone anywhere or done anything really, I have just not thought of anything to write about. Now I have a short post. also Saturday news.. uh Libya still going on gas prices high, food costs going up. yeah that covers it.

Okay so over this weekend I went through my dvr, a show I recorded Apocalypse man. Out of the many things I could say about this, wow. This guy for one looked homeless and I am sure that is the look the producers wanted. Two he is nuts, in the first few minutes he jumped off a bridge, let me state again, Jumped, Off, A, Bridge. For this event he stated that in times of martial law the government or that which remains would raise the bridges to limit travel for civilians, so his travel, He was trying to go to the city, was limited by a bridge so he jumped off one side of the raised bridge to the other, with a crowbar and rope. through this he scavenged a lot for things, apparently the back pack he had was empty, it was walking through everything  like someone would snipe him, saying that he had to lay low, yes being the only moving target wearing black in an empty city isn't conspicuous. This was honestly a bad show, he collected fuel to start a generator so he could sit in some office building, and charge a car battery, how long into the end of the world is this guy? I hope him and Bear Grylls make good friends, they both will probably jump off the same cliff.

If the world ends, I hope you were a prepper, honestly its the easiest way in any outlook of it, you are at home in your comfort zone stocked up on food and supplies with no need to leave out for anything that could in danger your life. If you are not a prepper, do not want to start stocking up for what ever reason, you should honestly fuel prices up, food prices up, I don't see them going down anytime soon, better late than never.

Fine don't listen, but if the end of the world hits, why go to the city? whats there, a lot of trash from people, I see no use in it, learn planting, hunting, something. neither of these skills will always be useful, think of all the redneck hunters there are, if they are all out there no limit providing for their families, the game will go quickly, if you are a bad shot you wont have a chance. there will be fighting for food.

Think about last Christmas for a minute, now Christmas shopping, then black Friday shopping, you remember those idiots killing people to get into stores first, now think if the world  ends, no more food factories, whats in those stores is the first thing people are gonna go for, it will be gone.

the main problem with any out look for the end of the world is that you do not know how it will come, if you will be able to leave the house or not.

I hope this post makes ya think. I want to post more, maybe do a video still and a self reveal show who I am, or at least my face.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its not Paranoia, its preparedness.

I said this to my wife the other day, then typed it out, and never did finish the post due to computer problems, my mind has been going in 8 different directions due to my mind getting set on something I want to build, and when I get set to want to make something, nothing comes between me and that thing. in moments of my A.d.d. mind I get.. ooo new ipad.. No shouldn't splurge on computer goodness. I know I should not be splurging on anything, world going to toilet, gas prices up, I suck as a prepper. The wife is getting a new job though, this should help out a lot, I hope. Went out and about today on my one useful day off, the wife got a bread-maker for 4 dollars, at 90% off at a thrift store, just our luck really, was 40 dollars, yes do the math.

As for this blog, I haven't had a good story to tell really, the other bloggers are going full force, about libya, wars, economy and the end of the world, honestly I think about all that stuff all the time too, but I have other hobbies.

in terms of posts, I will get back to you, I do hope I have more to write about then, comment perhaps, give me an incentive.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

reading a new book

What to do When the sh*t hits the fan by Dave Black, it was on clearance in B&N, so far enjoying it, it is slow going for me to read through it with work and everything. It seems to go through the Fema handbook as well as going through some of the authors own opinions. I wont review the book yet till I read through the entire book.

Its interesting for me though, its in the beginning of the year, and I am already getting the feeling of wanting to go camping, and I wanted to plan several camping trips this year, with different people in several different places of  NC, and depending where I am shows the factor of how much I am really camping, if I camp in a friends woods, I can fell trees and make a shelter, if I am in a public forest, I respect the laws there and take shelter, I will eventually show a video of me making a rain fly for my hammock out of garbage bags and duck-tape, I already have the different designs in my head for it, not really gonna go too elaborate on it but it is gonna be nicer than I would be able to make while out in the woods.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cellphones the hate and the love

How often are you on your cell phone? when you are on your phone are you doing anything else? driving, brushing your teeth, working, computing, skateboarding?  At this point its a good question to ask the capabilities of your phone, I have an iphone, love the thing, it wastes a lot of my time.. riding on the road, at work, so on. the main thing a phone is for is calling people, long distances. I have used mine to annoy my wife in the next room, its fun. I do know a year or so back, before the iphone there was a article in the news, online of course how cellphones were admitting radiation the phone I was using at the time was one of the phones doing it, I had an Cingular 8525, or att when it switched over, the maker was HTC, makes ya wonder how well that new android phone is about making your hair fall out doesn't it.

For those who want to live a closed off life stile, off the grid, cellphones fail in ever aspect, you can always be found, even on a prepaid, the cell towers and networks can triangulate your location where ever you are using the phone. My phone has a built in gps, I know someone could find me. Prepaid phones used to be more anonymous, now even with them you have to register them with the company, with a name and address, you can however give fake information I suppose.
I do not think there was a point to this post, I overuse my cellphone, its my boredom cure, it has books, games, news, internet, anything to kill my boredom. I do know, all the teens, and younger generations reliance on tech, cellphones, computers, toys as I see them, will lead to a dumber human for the future, perhaps with the world finally does go to hell.. if it hasn't already.

Monday, February 21, 2011

News on saturday sucks

Lots of news today, an Earthquake hits New Zealand  a magnitude  6.3
and all the countries in the area of Egypt are taking after them it seems, lots of civil unrest, protests and such in countries over there near Egypt.
local news, wildfires are still going through NC from all the wind we have been having, and no rain, the weathermen are saying as always we need more rain, when I hear them say we have had enough I think Ill have a heart attack. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting season?

I know Daily is now more of a misnomer, and my blog posts have become more random at best, but I am trying to put out decent content, and mostly failing at it I believe. I lack a lot of spare time needed to write these properly, If however I stopped paying for my high-speed internet, I would have two things, more money, and more time, because having internet gives me too much to do beyond paying attention to prepping or this blog, Television doesn't help.

Okay so growing season, has it started? I have no clue honestly, my wife has gotten into it already though, after last year with her attempts at growing vegetation in the apartment failing I am curious to see what will happen this year. she already has one plant growing quite well from seeds, squash, and then she bought a strawberry plant. I know two things not really prepper useful, no wheats or grains. I wanted her to grow spring onions myself, thats something really easy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


No the wife and I are not moving, yet. This has been the topic of our conversations for months now, where we will go from here. Do we go to the cities to help our chances of finding work that will pay decently for her and I, do we move out to the location where we would like to settle for our life time. We both want to move around some, enjoy life before having children, and currently we have that luxury. We are young, smart enough to stay away from having children, and waiting till we are ready, mind that we do want kids.

I want to move away, and its been much debate to where, I want to move someplace where I can be out in the woods, have lots of land in be smack in the middle of it and go on my relaxing walks when ever I wish, it's something that takes me back to my childhood, being alone, doing what I wanted when I wanted, fishing, swimming, walking in the woods. I never got lost in the woods, I never got hurt out there to the point where I couldn't just walk home. I feel I was lucky. This is something I  want for my son, freedom. I didn't grow up having friends close by or people to talk to really, it was just me and some form of nature.

My wife's childhood was in a suburb, friends all around to play with, not having to walk even a block to find one of her little girlfriends to play with, and during her childhood she moved from that and out into the country, where her and her sister then played in a creek and had miniature horses. Her childhood had two vastly different worlds, and she liked the first better, and she wants the first world for her daughter.

The other big debate is when we have kids, she wants us to be close to where we are now so all the parents, then be grandparents can be close by to witness the birth of our children, I would rather just fly them out to where we are.

The big question still remains, where do we move to? Well in the end the wife has said that when we are settled down I get my big mass of land and woods, so I am happy with that idea, but where? What state should we live in. NC is has a lot of woods, just like the ones I grew up with. Should we do somewhere west, perhaps more north, What is everyone else's ideas, I would like to hear them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In the Kitchen

For another of the everyday dangers, I am going to one talk about one of the most rooms of your house. the kitchen. Why is the kitchen dangerous, why is it not is a better question.
A stove, gas or electric, a central object with the sole idea is to recreate the aspects of fire for cooking. lots of people get burned from the stove, or oven or things being heated up on them. water has been spilled on children, people leave metal cooking utensils on a burner that was just on, or even plastic that melts. also remember there is a vent for the oven, normally under the back left burner on the stove, look for it, and remember do not leave pans, pots, or plastic containers over this vent, on that burner, even if the burner is off, the pans will get hot, and the plastic will melt.
Knives, to those that do not collect knives, you still own them, they are all in your kitchen, my wife as a chef has more cooking knives than my mother ever did, and they are all sharper, which is good because more people get cut on a dull knife than a sharp one. Beware of the stabbing or slicing off of limbs.

Refrigerator, Harmless right? Well it can fall on top of you, the ice-maker can break in the freezer and touch an exposed wire with water and possibly electrocute you, thats probably just me being paranoid.

Microwave, few things, water can explode. Do not use tin foil in a microwave. Never make it possible for you to use your microwave while the door is open. No metal, no electronics, Microwave is not a toy. DO NOT put pets in it either. Funny on the internet should not be done at home.

there are many other objects people have in the kitchen that can hurt and kill you, from electric knives to tea kettles,blenders, food processors, or crock pots and coffee makers, if it has a blade or heats up, be careful.

Remember you are in this room everyday, you make three meals a day, you store all your food here, keep it clean, straightened up, and all appliances in proper working order.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


What do you do for a living? Is it something you really want to be doing? Well probably not, but it can be useful, lets take me, I drive and make food. I despise cooking, but it is useful to know. It is also good for me to know how to drive in all conditions. My wife also works in food currently, has a degree in culinary. I have a degree in criminal justice. I have had a lot of odd jobs, plumping, painting, masonry, different factory jobs. all of which has taught me a little more about the work force of the world and what it takes to make it even in this economy.

What have your jobs taught you? The big question with these skills is if they are useful in a shit hits the fan scenario. Remember that any skill you have will become a barter tool for you once money has no value.
If you do not have a job that is promoting you some real world skills beyond the obtainment of money, what are some hobbies you could start that would? fishing, hunting, target shooting, building models, geocaching would even be useful at times. come up with your own ideas. comment them to me lets make this a long list.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay, I see I have used this topic before, perhaps this post will have more information.

Driving is the most dangerous thing we do in our daily lives. You may not realize this because of how much you do it, and be annoyed at things you pay for because of your driving habits like insurance.
We the people give minors as young as fifteen the ability move a large heaping powered piece of metal, that could possibly bring death to anyone in its path. From all the states I have visited in the US everyone says their state has the worse drivers, there are many reasons people are bad drivers, in good or bad conditions. in the south we are not used to ice and snow, in the west they are not used to rain.
I wouldn't want to lose my car to a tornado in Kansas, and people from other parts of the world might stay in the car and watch as they are taken up and beaten to death.

Regardless of all that. You as you are driving on the road, how many people do you pass? Hundreds most likely, you have no idea how old they are, what their driving experience is; if they are on their cell phone, texting (which is illegal now), changing the radio station, doing make-up, smoking, driving, eating, typing on their gps We have so many distractions that keep peoples eyes off the road.
This is an easy statistic, most people die in car accidents, than any other type of vehicle. Cars kill more people than guns, cars kill more people than terrorists. and cars are in your back yard, cars are sold everywhere, without a licence, no waiting period.

I personally work in a job where I can spend the entire shift of working on the road driving, delivering, people like me are most at risk because we spend more time doing this dangerous action, and people like me feel more confident in our driving so will do more while driving, in that we might set a bad example for anyone, like the others I train to do my job. What is out of my control are other drivers, and I see a lot of bad ones, swerving, running off the road, stopping unexpectedly, and turning without signal.
 I personally stop and slow down while looking for the place I am delivering to, so I become a road hazard while I am searching for someones address wither they actually have it posted or not. In the day time or night. At night your pretty bronze numbers on the side of your brick house are invisible, and those plants growing up your house looking pretty covering your house numbers, it doesn't stop my progress getting to you.
This type of non-marked home would stop Emergency vehicles too.

I'll attempt to make this post part of a series, everyday dangers.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday News

Wow this week disappeared for me. lots of working, lots of bills, and just lots of new excitement with new friends.

On the news front, I haven't seen much, Egypt from what I can tell isn't settling. The president there has agreed to not run for the next election, my question would be when are the elections considering he has been in office for 30 years. In the US our president has just been watching and giving out suggestions over addresses to the people, which we see it, but no idea if the Egyptian government does, and beyond that the president is just too much of a media whore.

I will post more this next week, I HOPE.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Month

February already, In my life not much happening that is interesting, I continue working which means little to anyone reading this honestly; However, to me it means continued life stuck in a rut, I am quite curious how someone starting out life in a poor social status can move above it. my parents were poor, my wifes parents were poor, I am 25 years of age, Yep I said something about myself. I think we married young yes. I do not see how a couple wishing to have kids, brought up in distress of money gets out of that distress. This is from countless talks or arguments with the wife about money, and time.

its a condescending idea for her, she wants to move to a city, for work to obtain a better job, but when we have children she wants to be close enough for her mother to be there. the two ideas are impossible for me to grasp. Beyond that moving at all, when one lives only paycheck to paycheck how would one move. This month incredibly annoying with car inspections, registrations, and to have the kicker a higher power bill from heating.

This is the very point where I wish we were off the grid, or in a world where one did not need a job or a car riding horses, trading whats needed, using crafts and skills properly for money, while chopping wood for a fire, or even in modern age, solar heating. Everyone has skills, my wife's is cooking, mine is just about everything.

I have always been a jack of all trades, and quite literally a master of none. My father was a painter, through that he was also a handyman, but painting houses, he was a master at, it took him time, as he did it alone, but never a drip, never a run in the paint, an entirely even coat. I was taught this, I am capable of painting not as he was though. I have held many jobs with him or without, repairing wood work, stone masoning, plumbing, electrician. All the while having my own hobbies, making plate armor, learning to sew with my mother, as that was her main profession, crocheting with my grandmother, Whittling. and as I got older computers and other electronics. All of these skills, Everyone of them is useless to a modern resume. In america you want teams of foreigners painting your houses, doing your sewing, gardening, so on. the servant class of the world, even the factory class of the industrial revolution is now the unemployed class. Those like me who wish for high rank, champagne on a beer budget, we work in customer service now, being paid bottom dollar to those that will still hirer, food service, most companies shipped jobs else where, where more profits can be made by having lower wages.

I am not foreseeing my way of getting ahead in life. I have an associates degree, so does my wife, mine is in criminal justice, my wife's is in culinary arts. No money and too much shame, I bow to no one, I neither beg nor plea, I just see this world dropping, and to those few with money either wasting it. or those that are in the magical middle class prepping. Those are the ones who I wish to be, to have the money to prepare for a time when our world becomes like the movies News on tv.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday news

Even though its currently Friday... I just have nothing to really post about this week, been drained from work and other life events, trying to follow world and local news is even some times a hassle.

for local news, I am not going to link to it but, McGuire nuclear power station was set offline for a few days because of fish getting caught in the water intake for cooling. This makes me so pleased about how close I live to this place.

The other news is what everyone is talking about right now, Egypt. Right now I am kinda surprised we are actually getting news reports from Egypt, here we have to consider total media black out for them really, internet gone, cellphones gone, and they are rioting, looting and going just bat shit insane attempting to get back some simple liberties, I know there are countries that are on peoples do not go list, well right now this is one.  No Pyramid visits for awhile because of this one. With this story there is not just one news report, there are several, it has taken over CNN, taken over every international news, in money news from this stocks are dropping, oil will be going back up perhaps higher. The world's economy as it is now is so unstable, one country faltering is effecting all others, when USA started, so did the rest of the world, I am sure this was seen .
Now with Egypt, they want freedom and its being taken from them, and all those with my mindset are just watching, waiting, all the while knowing it could happen here next, and all for the most part without anymore warning then what we are already getting, this warning we have flashing at us right now, that everyone is ignoring. just wait for it.

remember this has all happened, in just 4 days.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor Man is Poor

You better believe I am the poor man. Prepping for me consists of food, mostly what I get from a local food bank, the government says I make too much money at my job currently for food stamps, but I was receiving them, and at my job even in a manager position, I make minimum wage, federal minimum wage, seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. I work about 36 hours a week, kept from ever getting overtime, and do odd jobs for my bosses, and where ever I can find, including attempting to scrape money out of this blog and other writing ventures.
Perhaps saying I am poor is wrong, I pay all my bills on time, I am not behind on bills, I have a few credit cards between me and my wife, but we eat every night, have food on backlog, and I keep a roof over our head.

I get my food from a place called Christian ministries, do not know if they have them anywhere, being Christian isn't required. In our town, it is near the soup kitchen, I have not been in there. Perhaps it is wrong of me to obtain food from places like this, we consider I do have a job, I live paycheck to paycheck yes, but I also afford myself a few luxuries, like television, cellphones, internet. I will not and do not pay subscription internet games. 
I have many expenses at my house, laundry is one of the big oppressors considering  I do not have a washer and drier, I recall days long past with my mother going to a laundromat when the washer had broken and it being 50 cents or so to wash clothes, not with todays inflation.

The food I get, I keep, powered milk, canned soups, frozen meats, breads, not all are long lasting, but we use it.  
Speaking of the roof over our heads, I live in an apartment, not the first choice of course, I would love living out of this small city, out in the country, I miss my childhood home but I would not move there again because of how close it is to a nuclear power plant, and even closer to a steam power plant.
My apartment is full brick housing, small, one story, the entire complex is one story, and it is on high ground. I would take this apartment over any trailer double or single wide any day, beyond that the double-wide I was living in before was at the bottom of a hill and flooded out constantly. 

What I think I am trying to say is that even as someone on minimum wage, living paycheck to paycheck, if you swallow your pride, much like I had to, and ask for help from places like Christian ministries, or food stamps, you can be a prepper too, and if you get food stamps and use them wisely, they can stretch a long way. Buying pre-made food is quick and costly, buying supplies takes long to fix meals but is always cheaper, also another helpful hint, you can buy seeds, so vegetables, herbs, fruit, anything you can grow small, even in an apartment is more useful than not having any food.

QOTD: do you live paycheck to paycheck?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday News

I have stuck with this haven't I? I still have not gotten to the part where I get on camera again... maybe soon.
 On my news block today some local news for me, then more talk on those dead birds, and other critters

This is something No one ever wants to have happen to them, and to most of us on the internet worry greatly about, when making online purchases. someone else getting our credit card number, and using it. Well this happened at a local semi local taco place, the credit card system got hacked, I can honestly see this happening at other places too. my work for example, is a food place, all the computer in the store can run credit cards, its all networked back into the office, from there it goes into a switch them the modem, then out the building. knowing how big of a mess of wires it is in there I could never hope to comprehend how it all works, But someone knows. It has to be rewired every time the company is switched. Honestly I don't like the paper trail of credit  cards, I don't like when I travel having to wait longer for purchases to go through, and it makes Christmas shopping so much easier to do it in cash.  Some people might like the convenience of a card, get a visa gift card.

Now on the birds, the government is actually trying to take the blame now for a flock of blackbirds, stating that they poisoned them because they were bothering farmers, then dropped while flying north. Really? okay you poisoned birds for farmers, when have you ever done something for Americas farmers? Beyond that, there are so many locations of dead animals now, you can not say its one poisoning, its several, something is happening there. I am still curious.

This article mentions to other articles about several of the other dying animals.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

health Care

I know I might be wrong about this bill, but from my understanding its a bill that forces you to get health care, and if you do not get it then you are required to pay a fine or tax for not getting health care. In my mind insurance in its whole is a rip off, honestly insurance is there for the person who isn't prepared, and yet now is a part of being prepared.

Car insurance, my father told me of days long past where this was an optional beast, now its required to even drive a car, and obtain a license when you are of age.
homeowners insurance, required insuring all the things you own and the home for a set amount of money.
and theres a list, renters insurance is optional and since I live in an apartment and rent, no I am not paying for it.

tornado insurance
flood insurance
hurricane insurance
earthquake insurance
fire insurance
volcano insurance
all mother nature problems, uncontrollable things wheres asteroid insurance, and alien abduction insurance, perhaps thats covered in health insurance if you are probed.

now I wont say that some or all of these could be necessary, they are not where I live, but in California I would have earth quake insurance, and in Kansas I would have tornado insurance, or my form of insurance, not live in a place where that shit happens, because even after the insurance, you still have to rebuild and buy new stuff.

The big part of all of these, the fact that they are NOT required, and health insurance should be my choice, I understand car insurance honestly, driving is the most dangerous thing we do, ever, and we do it every single day. That means every single day people age ranging from 15 to 90 could be driving, flinging near 1 ton vehicles toward you at 20-70 miles an hour and your only protection is your own pile of meta l(God help motorcycles ).
But health insurance, its quite my choice to avoid the doctor at all costs, and with that I avoid the cost of the doctor, now I am being wanted to pay you the government to go to a doctor, or my own avoidance of.  Honestly these are private practice doctors they went to school just as I did, if I do not want to use their services I do not and do not pay for it. If I were to avoid using a lawyer's services and accepted a speeding ticket, not one complaint would I receive,
I do not endorse a political party, nor pay much attention, however I do hope this health bill is revoked, denounced. and please for dear God, lets not repeat the cycle of 8 year terms. 

Work, Product Fail, and News Disappears

Today was a busy day for me, I went to work, did a job interview, then went home and promptly passed out, there for getting nothing else done for the day accept to wake up at about midnight unable to sleep again. now its nearly 3 am. 

now the thing seems to not be holding a charge, I have had it about a year now, my mother got more use  out of it than me, and at its current state, it does not hold at charge long enough to pump up my tire. I do not know what other reviewers would  say towards this, however it seems to be a failing product. Considering I enjoyed the concept of this device I will eventually have to obtain another one, though at this point I do not know what brand I will go with next. 

Also, What happed to the birds and fish? The news reports stopped, is this a government hush now? In our lives rush we forget about events so quickly, we also ignore the trials that other countries are going through and events that do not revolve around our country. How about you find out how many major earth quakes happened last year? Compare it to the year before, and the year before that? Is there a trend of escalation? 

I also am waiting for the new Zeitgeist movie, the 29th is when the download begins, I would pay to see it, if I were closer to a showing, if not for the movie, but to see how many other people would be interested in watching it, how many other people know the movement.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zombie Survival Guide

I read the back of the book first, humor was the section it claimed to be in. honestly I found the book amusing and hard to put down until I got to the last part referring to " real life zombie events " then the book just became boring.
Honestly I thought the book held some decent tips for an end of the world scenario for zombies or any other mass chemical spread infecting many people, basically stating to stay home hold up in your house as long as you have supplies for. This goes hand in hand with prepper mentality, so I liked it, also stating where zombies can not climb I thought was amusing so destroying your stairwells and running to the second floor seemed to me like a good idea.
In many places in the book it relates to the fact that it does not contain all the knowledge needed to survive for long periods of time and that the person should own many survival guides, I think this is sound advice.

For a comedy book, after watching the walking dead series, zombie land, dawn of the dead, or 28 days later I think it is a needed read to put your mind at ease, and give you some ideas for your own post apocalyptic zombie prepping.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday News

Only about, this phrase stands out above all others in this article, Only about 18,000 people. What is it about Only about? Well to this writer Only about 18,000 people died from swine flu. Now I am sure more people die every day, every second or so on and so forth, But I dislike it being put in that context. Just to say only, that word belittles a number, it is used to preceve that it is not that much, there could have been more. This is true more people could have died, and its also a statement of unknowing, only about 18,000 people died.

I know that is not what the article was speaking about, but its just what struck my cord. It could be interesting how much of a boost to the immune system the vaccine gives people, however I never have gotten a flu vaccine for anything, the last person in my family that I knew to get them was my grandmother, and to me I saw he get sick after every one of them.

and more reporting to my hate of that phrase... no one will ever say " only about 3000 people died on 9/11 "

Friday, January 14, 2011


I was bored today after having to go pick up my check at work, realizing I was right beside the library, even though I pass the building all the time, I hardly go in anymore. I went in and figured I would try to see what books they had on prepping or survival, being a county system library I would have thought it would have more books, of course I used the computer's " card catalog" I think that is a joke really, I remember card catalogs and they were not that easy  to use as I remember them.
There were a few sections and even fewer books. from the books I saw I got two  Wright's Complete disaster survival Manual, by Ted Wright, and Come back Alive by Robert Young Pelton. I apparently have two weeks to read the books, I know I wont get to, I am still reading the zombie survival guide, I just do not take much time to read, I have this blog to write, the day job, a wife, and just other general things I do to relax and reading just takes second string.
 I will probably keep checking out the books so I have time to read them, see how much I like them or they compare to Les Stroud, Survive or Sas Survival guide.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day?

I randomly skipped a day? Sorry. I am surprised at NC and our schools and businesses, the schools have been closed all week, and this is suppose to be the first week back to school, that is rather crazy. I know that the roads have been bad, more so than most since I have had to work each day of snow and ice and drive on the roads during it for my job. I have seen many cars on the sides of the road, and even co workers sliding and one crashing, he is fine however. I guess in the south people are not required to learn how to drive in any condition, like bus drivers.
The co-worker that wrecked did tell me a good story about seeing two police cruisers sitting in a parking lot then one backing up preforming a reverse 180 then drifting in circles around the other police cruiser. I would have liked to see video of this.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter time

I never have understood why holiday poems involve snow, it never happens here, and as far as I am aware you have to be rather far north to see snow early in winter, also in the north you see people with two sets of tires, winter and summer, and even owning chains on tires, if I ever move north I will have to deal with this. In the south I have all season tires and everything this winter has thrown at me so far has been drivable, at least for me. I have a few pictures or snippets of video where I saw trucks on the side of the road from crashing, and I was driving in a small 4 cylinder front wheel drive car.

Speaking of cars, trucks and other. I want something other, an Suv, I have access to a truck, a Ford F 150 that was my father's. It doesn't fun to well at this point, I have never been that great at car upkeep, and money is also a requirement of that, not something I have much of.
Regardless, I would like a Jeep or a Subaru beyond that I do not know, I want some luxury in a vehicle, but I do  want it to have the capability to go off road and have 4 wheel drive. I also want something 4 door so I can carry people, things and future family easier, and most of all I am tired of sitting on the ground while I am driving.
Any suggestions on an SUV please comment and tell me what you think?

Monday, January 10, 2011

down time

What is there for you to do in your downtime as a survivalist, prepper, or such. Well you can continue to learn like I am sure you are attempting to do now by reading this and any other blog about survival. Currently I am in my own downtime, I am off work for the night, a night I was planning to be out working for the entire night, because of the snow I had to close the store early as directed by my boss. Now I am in my self looking for something to do, the first thing for me to do as always is for me to find something to read, normally I find myself entranced into one of the many other survival blogs or something dealing with my many other hobbies, anime, paranormal, I can not stay on just one topic, it would drive me nuts.  

The normal things to talk about right now a congresswoman got shot, I believe from this I do like North Carolinas congressman's reaction, he bought a gun. I believe the idea of "if my security can not protect me I will protect myself. " 

The Weather it's self is a story too, because, well It sent me home from work among other things. I saw many wrecks when I was out driving  for work, and many people who are not capable of driving in this mess. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

few days away

I know I haven't been very daily in my postings lately, lots of things have been going on here, also it seems my car is broken or in the process of breaking, so that is another expenece against this poor prepping survivalist, I have been wanting a new car for two years but it hasn't been in my cards to obtain a new one. Who knows what will happen, but tomorrow I have a convention to go to, so no Saturday news. go read about the birds and fish and crabs all turning up dead.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is the post I wanted to post last night, however all I got was a nice loading screen where the typing needed to be done.

Have you ever Experienced panic? the mind numbing constantly running emotion that exists in the human body that is suppose to be there to help a person cope with stress, with a dire situation, the adrenalin flows, the skin reddens, the mind focuses on the one thing at hand, the stressor. Every time something happens in your life that causes this influx of emotion, a car accident, operation, general fear of the unknown that places you in the state at that time. This emotion can be overtaken with time.

Now to some people unlucky as they are, experience this feeling when it isn't needed, labeled a panic attack, brought on by any amount of the world being seen as it is coming down upon them, everything out to get them This is a feeling that these people and I am sure everyone else in the world wants to avoid, so medication normally is involved, a problem is stated, and all is right with the world. right? Normally wrong, medication becomes a dependent and it only hurts those in a long run making them further unable to cope in society and having more problems coming to terms with reality when something bad actually happens to them.

Now think about normal people, all Six billion of them, in a constant state of panic, think about all those already seeking mental help. The people that are in mental institutions. The worse happens, the world goes to shit, and we have six billion people panicking because they have lost control over the simple things that keeps them complacent in their happy little world.

Would you be able to overcome your body's natural reflex to panic?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

review Power dome

Okay so here is another product review, there are several different brands of this thing, mine is called a power dome it is a combination device for vehicles, it jump starts a car, has an air compressor, light, DC and AC  converter, and a usb port ( for some reason).

Well it works great as an air compressor, and I have seen it jump start a car once, it really does have to have a good charge to jump off a car with it. the light is fine beyond one of the leds already burning out.

the ac converter is what I bought it for the most, I got it for a camping trip where I wanted to have as many amenities as possible since I was working near by at the renn fair and camping out where the rennies sleep. The ac converter is easily over strained, by my laptop. It also hates the cold, which I was using it in November, and it was quite cold, both actions made it have a really loud constant beep sound. from other reviews of this device I have seen it happen with them so I know it is not just mine.

I have not used the DC power supply at all I haven't had a need to power car devices away from my car.

I got this on amazon going for cheaper, 79.99 plus shipping made it come in at just 100 dollars, but they are sold at walmart and all other. it really does look like a rugged device, it just needs a bit more kick to power a laptop, but the battery just left in my car to pump up my tires when needed lasts for a decent while.
I think it is a must have for in the car, just to pump up a tire and jump yourself off rather than looking for a good person to help.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday News

Okay Mr Alex Epstein 

You make this easy for me, this is an insanely long news article of opinions. All about Oil, about how solar and wind energy are to his mind useless ventures, now I know that people successful off the grid on both solar and wind energy and he states how much land it takes for wind energy, yes this is true, and it speaks about the addiction, the article starts off right, saying how we are not addicted, how it does not have to be an addiction. The article then goes through several points about how oil isn't finite, they we keep find new ways to process it, and that other vegetable oils and such are worthless and a worthless venture. after reading all this and reading all about how alternative tech is useless and how worthless electric and hybrid cars are, which kinda they are, still using oil either through gasoline, or plugging in. 
what happened to our water powered car?