Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday News

The News? Pretty much the same, Friday was the prediction day for radiation hitting the west coast of the US, and I did not hear much in the way of news about it, there are reports from a few airports about some passengers setting off the radiation detectors from japan, honestly this is expected. That right there makes it amusing of how much its trying to be covered up by the government. Potassium iodide pills are either sold out or now going for a very hefty price on the internet, after searching local stores on the east coast I was unable to find them. Potassium Iodide is a drug or liquid that is suppose to protect your thyroid from radiation poisoning, but has several side effects.

News reports are few and far between about the radiation issues, many of the reports I find are from other bloggers, so I don't know to trust them or not.

The mainstream media is going back and forth focusing on the presidents actions for Libya, which shows another conflict we probably will stick our nose into that doesn't need to be done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glued to the News

Literally I have been, working or not, this has me stressed out, I do not know anyone in japan, but just watching the news I see how much they are not telling us, you compare the information coming out of cnn, to bbc, the information is different in leaps and bounds, then compare it to the videos in youtube or the messages all over twitter, stark differences, its easy to see that this era, the news is all on the internet, and not even on old news media sources, if you want the news, you have to know where to look. The best way to know where, twitter, people broadcast their lives, their stories, and their problems. 

From the many stories I've read or watched about japan, there was a 9.0 earthquake, for japan they had minor damage from this because of how many earthquakes they apparently have over there, (not a piece of news we hear everyday) they have most of their building codes to withstand a 7.5 quake. the tsunami went 6 miles inland, now that the tide has drawn from the tsunami the island is 12 wider, the tsunami also hit Hawaii and California, doing some damage to California' coast, mostly to boats. 

A nuclear power plant was in the path of the tsunami, the tsunami knocked out power from the area causing this power plant to be unable to cool its 6 ( I believe) reactors, one by one these have been heating up, during this time the USS ronald Regan was approaching to aid japan, yet stopped and moved further from the coast after a helicopter detected radiation. that was about 2 days ago. 

between then and now I have heard back and forth of reactors and buildings exploded or didn't explode, or did explode but didn't cause a meltdown. This is all depending on which network, or news source you are reading or listening to. 

What I understand is, Japan hasn't had any help in cooling the reactors, from anyone, they have been trying to cool them with water which has cause hydrogen explosions,( thats quoted from cnn) they have gone back and forth saying there is no meltdowns or there is, BUT I know they are evacuating people for "possible" radiation leaks( and even CNN is saying that this company that owns the plant hasn't been completely forth coming with information.)  There have been explosions, between the reports and a US aircraft carrier not getting closer to help, beyond that some people have already been tested positive for radiation, I state that one or more of those reactors is leaking radiation. they have been telling people to keep their skin covered if they must go out, or just to stay inside. Honestly full chemical suit would be handy at this point for those people. 

I was dumbfounded at the first reports telling people to cover their mouths with a wet washcloth, I was thinking what could that accomplish. 

Now What news you may not have heard! there has also been a volcano eruption in japan, right like there were not enough problems, it was north of most of this from what I recall. New Jersey is flooded, still, and the Ohio river is close to flooding, so there are some problems close to home that I have not seen even hitting the news, which is why my segment on them is also rather small. 

sorry I've been missing for almost a week, work has had me stressed, my car broke down, which didn't put me in a happy place, now tomorrow I get to attempt to fix it.