Wednesday, December 15, 2010

two things in life that are certain

Death and Taxes, and we all have experienced both I am sure. apparently we are getting the bush tax cuts extending into this year.

From what I am reading in blogs, all of the bigger survival bloggers are speaking of a shortage of freeze dried food. This is something I can not report on, I do not have the sources they do, I have also never bought at freeze dried food. I do know however with the winter storms going through the country, that eggs, milk, gas, and antifreeze are pretty well out of stock at most stores and gas stations beyond walmart. walmart doesnt stockpile anything, most stores do not anymore, so they get shipments as they run out or low on stock. a flawed system in storms and possible times for the traffic to be at a stand still. more people buying food and other items to stock, and the stores running out unable to restock. now preppers are another story they do not have to worry about these problems, which is why they prep. I suppose its something everyone should try.

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