Friday, March 11, 2011

Current news

I know no one in their right mind uses just me as a source for news, for god I hope not, but at about 3 am est last night there was a 8.9 earthquake near japan, many people are dead from this, and we have tsunamis that have hit japan putting much of the coast under water, they have tried to shut down all the nuclear power plants in japan, there have been back and forth reports saying one is incapable of being shut down from the water.

the two places also at risk for Americans is California and Hawaii, the tsunami is coming for both coastlines, Hawaii is evacuating everyone to higher ground in hotels and such, off of the first floor. For Hawaii it was a warning for the entire state. Just head on over to for updated news and such.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bad tv shows, guides.

First off, I am still here, I haven't gone anywhere or done anything really, I have just not thought of anything to write about. Now I have a short post. also Saturday news.. uh Libya still going on gas prices high, food costs going up. yeah that covers it.

Okay so over this weekend I went through my dvr, a show I recorded Apocalypse man. Out of the many things I could say about this, wow. This guy for one looked homeless and I am sure that is the look the producers wanted. Two he is nuts, in the first few minutes he jumped off a bridge, let me state again, Jumped, Off, A, Bridge. For this event he stated that in times of martial law the government or that which remains would raise the bridges to limit travel for civilians, so his travel, He was trying to go to the city, was limited by a bridge so he jumped off one side of the raised bridge to the other, with a crowbar and rope. through this he scavenged a lot for things, apparently the back pack he had was empty, it was walking through everything  like someone would snipe him, saying that he had to lay low, yes being the only moving target wearing black in an empty city isn't conspicuous. This was honestly a bad show, he collected fuel to start a generator so he could sit in some office building, and charge a car battery, how long into the end of the world is this guy? I hope him and Bear Grylls make good friends, they both will probably jump off the same cliff.

If the world ends, I hope you were a prepper, honestly its the easiest way in any outlook of it, you are at home in your comfort zone stocked up on food and supplies with no need to leave out for anything that could in danger your life. If you are not a prepper, do not want to start stocking up for what ever reason, you should honestly fuel prices up, food prices up, I don't see them going down anytime soon, better late than never.

Fine don't listen, but if the end of the world hits, why go to the city? whats there, a lot of trash from people, I see no use in it, learn planting, hunting, something. neither of these skills will always be useful, think of all the redneck hunters there are, if they are all out there no limit providing for their families, the game will go quickly, if you are a bad shot you wont have a chance. there will be fighting for food.

Think about last Christmas for a minute, now Christmas shopping, then black Friday shopping, you remember those idiots killing people to get into stores first, now think if the world  ends, no more food factories, whats in those stores is the first thing people are gonna go for, it will be gone.

the main problem with any out look for the end of the world is that you do not know how it will come, if you will be able to leave the house or not.

I hope this post makes ya think. I want to post more, maybe do a video still and a self reveal show who I am, or at least my face.