Friday, January 7, 2011

few days away

I know I haven't been very daily in my postings lately, lots of things have been going on here, also it seems my car is broken or in the process of breaking, so that is another expenece against this poor prepping survivalist, I have been wanting a new car for two years but it hasn't been in my cards to obtain a new one. Who knows what will happen, but tomorrow I have a convention to go to, so no Saturday news. go read about the birds and fish and crabs all turning up dead.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is the post I wanted to post last night, however all I got was a nice loading screen where the typing needed to be done.

Have you ever Experienced panic? the mind numbing constantly running emotion that exists in the human body that is suppose to be there to help a person cope with stress, with a dire situation, the adrenalin flows, the skin reddens, the mind focuses on the one thing at hand, the stressor. Every time something happens in your life that causes this influx of emotion, a car accident, operation, general fear of the unknown that places you in the state at that time. This emotion can be overtaken with time.

Now to some people unlucky as they are, experience this feeling when it isn't needed, labeled a panic attack, brought on by any amount of the world being seen as it is coming down upon them, everything out to get them This is a feeling that these people and I am sure everyone else in the world wants to avoid, so medication normally is involved, a problem is stated, and all is right with the world. right? Normally wrong, medication becomes a dependent and it only hurts those in a long run making them further unable to cope in society and having more problems coming to terms with reality when something bad actually happens to them.

Now think about normal people, all Six billion of them, in a constant state of panic, think about all those already seeking mental help. The people that are in mental institutions. The worse happens, the world goes to shit, and we have six billion people panicking because they have lost control over the simple things that keeps them complacent in their happy little world.

Would you be able to overcome your body's natural reflex to panic?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

review Power dome

Okay so here is another product review, there are several different brands of this thing, mine is called a power dome it is a combination device for vehicles, it jump starts a car, has an air compressor, light, DC and AC  converter, and a usb port ( for some reason).

Well it works great as an air compressor, and I have seen it jump start a car once, it really does have to have a good charge to jump off a car with it. the light is fine beyond one of the leds already burning out.

the ac converter is what I bought it for the most, I got it for a camping trip where I wanted to have as many amenities as possible since I was working near by at the renn fair and camping out where the rennies sleep. The ac converter is easily over strained, by my laptop. It also hates the cold, which I was using it in November, and it was quite cold, both actions made it have a really loud constant beep sound. from other reviews of this device I have seen it happen with them so I know it is not just mine.

I have not used the DC power supply at all I haven't had a need to power car devices away from my car.

I got this on amazon going for cheaper, 79.99 plus shipping made it come in at just 100 dollars, but they are sold at walmart and all other. it really does look like a rugged device, it just needs a bit more kick to power a laptop, but the battery just left in my car to pump up my tires when needed lasts for a decent while.
I think it is a must have for in the car, just to pump up a tire and jump yourself off rather than looking for a good person to help.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday News

Okay Mr Alex Epstein 

You make this easy for me, this is an insanely long news article of opinions. All about Oil, about how solar and wind energy are to his mind useless ventures, now I know that people successful off the grid on both solar and wind energy and he states how much land it takes for wind energy, yes this is true, and it speaks about the addiction, the article starts off right, saying how we are not addicted, how it does not have to be an addiction. The article then goes through several points about how oil isn't finite, they we keep find new ways to process it, and that other vegetable oils and such are worthless and a worthless venture. after reading all this and reading all about how alternative tech is useless and how worthless electric and hybrid cars are, which kinda they are, still using oil either through gasoline, or plugging in. 
what happened to our water powered car?