Sunday, December 26, 2010


I really do not feel as if I have missed much, so that means my good people, you have not missed much from my own comments.

It snowed on Christmas, the first white Christmas in North Carolina since 1947, and honestly first white Christmas for many states and cities for a good many years, I hear for Atlanta this is a first in 128 years. With all this snow I far too realize that people in North Carolina do not know how to drive in any condition, I worked all day today out driving, and the roads were quite clear, you see the snow was a fine powered snow, it sticks to the ground and did also to the roads, but it did nothing to make them slick, that is ice. We have not seen ice yet this year and maybe tonight the melted snow will bring ice, but I doubt it.  It baphles me that someone seemingly prepared for the weather driving a hummer or a large SUV would be driving slow to the point it annoys me, knowing they can handle the road at a higher speed when I am only in a front wheel drive sports car.

enough about the weather, I have enjoyed my holiday, I didn't really see much in the way of presents, thats fine,  I was given money, money is always good, it can be put forth useful things. I enjoyed giving presents to my new inlaws and watching them play.

During my break I believe some may have noticed my presence on twitter, I have an auto post for my blog, however I can access it from my phone, so I put a twitter feed on the blog to display. follow and comment and such, here there and everywhere, also take some time and rewatch the walking dead, I did.

QOTD What prepper stock should I get with the money?

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