Tuesday, November 2, 2010

survival, preping, and skills

in the end of the day, the deal with survival, or surviving any out come deals with preparation, now many people will stock up on food, and that is good, water is even better, but beyond that, for the impulsive person like me, who jumps into everything head on no looking back, skills are the best prep. learn to make something, it doesn't matter if its decoration for now, like hemp necklesses, my fianc√©e loves making these and sells them but beyond that she is learning how to make really strong rope out of anything. its a simple skill, and I had her teach me, it was fun.

lets start with whittling, and I will say that this is a completely free to learn skill, now you'll say wait, no you need a knife, why? why do you need a knife, it is easier to have one yes, but you do not need one, metal did not exist for many thousands of years yet people still made tools using stone, stone is easy in concept, harder in practice to work with, but once you learn it, a dry river bed is your haven for cutlery. you can easily look up on google for flint napping, stone napping so on and then get out and try it, cause you'll never learn if you do not try it.
beyond that. later on I will show ya how to make a simple knife without having anything to help me, by then perhaps I wont feel like hiding myself? maybe.

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