Sunday, November 21, 2010

late in the day

well I have a few stories to talk about, reading the news last night showed me the stories I wanted to write about today, and unfortunately I am not getting to this writing until nearly 3 am the next day, the first story is speaking about the tsa and all these privacy intrusions we are now just witnessing because of all the terrorist thoughts through out the flight around the world. now I wonder if a full body scanner or groping I mean pat downs would even be helpful to how those planes were apparently high jacked, not with bombs, with box cutters, and with box cutters I honestly do not see any plane full of american people being scared of one or two people on a plane, there has to be some facts wrong about those statements. please come see me in 50 years when the documents are released. right now we are dealing with this invasion of privacy because we are allowing it, we allowed the patriot act to come into play and let it slip by us letting the government avoid completely the 4th amendment, a law that has been in place since the birth of this country. a government agency can bug your house while your away, no search warrant, no court order, no reasonable suspicion no urgent circumstance. the entire  4th amendment was put in place to protect persons places and things for your privacy. knowing this, the statement given by the tsa is that a person, a reasonable person would have no expectation of privacy in an airport, well this is a statement I know we all believe, we all, the american people, have a reasonable expectation of privacy by wearing clothes we assume in our no wrong doing, there should be no reason to see what is under our clothes, nor should a random check by an employee give the reason for a pad down, the pad down, a terry stop, the first pad down, means you have to have reasonable suspicion for a pat down, the only person I see having the ability to judge this is a trained police officer, not a hired tsa employee.

the other story I marked in my book to write about was this  

these guys cant get a break can they? move maybe? ok with katrina, hurricane after hurricane, and the oil spill, its almost surprising to find people still wanting to live in this place, but ok I understand its home and a way of life. they are going through another problem, a power outage? hmm these have happened in new york and they never told them to boil water, which gene pool are they trying to thin...  I joke.

On both of these stories, I have flown on a few planes, after 9/11 mind you I was 16 then, 25 now. even got stopped once cause I attempted to walk through with some hotel shampoo, I let them keep that, I didn't like taking off my shoes or understanding why an xray machine can see inside my laptop, and my bag, but not inside my laptop while its in my bag. on the other story, I have been through hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. hugo was the worse one I remember, I was 4. most of the time these things happened I was in rather safe locations inside brick structures, so I have been lucky, and I was taught by my parents to have plenty of things, like batteries or things that work but don't require batteries on hand in those times, and I do love the invention of hand crank powered devices.

tomorrow, or this morning is Monday, I am sending off my laptop later today, and then work till midnight, doing my next blog then, then then then going camping for a few days, ill be attempting to film while I am out there and I hope I get a lot of the product reviews I wanted to go over, done with while out there.

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