Saturday, December 11, 2010

weather woes

Well I live in the southern United states, so I am only dealing with the cold so far, and there was some snow that fell last week here while I was on vacation. I wonder if the gulf spill will have an effect on the wind streams and currents this early on from the spill. I do have to say as long as I have lived here( my entire life ) I have never seen winter weather come from above the mountains then down into the foothills. When the weather comes from the north like Illinois it hits the mountains and they break up the snow clouds. So something odd happened with the weather stream to make it take a path which I have never seen. it is typical for the snow to come from the south to hit North Carolina then move up the coast. Currently though, normal amounts of winter weather is hitting ... well the normal parts of the country to receive it.

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this one is about Identity theft. It's an interesting statement, your username, your code name to yourself. what to do you call yourself online, and what you do call yourself could lead to your own downfall of your identity, this basically goes on the idea of how many different accounts you have with one username. I use a few different usernames, thats a good thing for me. look over your own accounts. be secure.

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