Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out of commission

My Car is anyway, for the old boy, a 94 saturn sc2. not the most family friendly car in the world, I honestly have hated the thing since moving out on my own, and a year or so before that. No room for friends, no room for stuff, and really no room for moving. Which I have done three times while owning this car. This would be the worse family car in the world, short of a smart car. Either way I have to find a way to sell a mostly non working car that is really good on gas when it runs. I hope I can get a nice suv for myself. This is only the second car I have owned, I am not very experienced in buying cars, or selling them. Okay, I have never sold a car, I drive them till they die. I avoid car payments like the plague. Also, sorry no news.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the job

I know I threw the glued to the news post into the everyday dangers, but I thought it fit as a general disaster that could happen everyday.

This next everyday danger, your job. Now I cant cover every profession, I wont even go far into my own lowly demeaning job, but there is something all jobs deal with, people. Now your Office, your restaurant, store, construction site, farm, etc. Every single job deals with more than one person. People can panic in any crisis or disaster making it worse. These people in japan, them not panicking, not looting, not killing each other, that is part of their core values. other countries aren't like that, I know america isn't. If or when something happens, we arm up and wait for someone to break in or are the person breaking in. This everyday danger is about people, your neighbors, people down the street, your co-workers. Do you know where their loyalties lie? How much have you told them about yourselves, have they been in your house, do they know if you prep, own a gun, have valuables?

I know its wrong to think so ill of other people around me, that was just my upbringing, I have always seen the worst in people. I see what wrong they can do, and my thinking has rarely been wrong, and there are so many sayings from it. Perhaps you will say that its my lack of Christian character, I wasn't a church going child, nor am I as an adult, I do, do on to others how I would want others to do on to me, normally it just brings them to stab me when the area is open.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I am Cynical, uptight and slightly hostel toward others, but like so many others, I was made this way, by living in this time, in this country. I bare no ill will to anyone, and I can be your best most forgiving friend, however for my troubles, please do not just shit on me later.

How many times can you be open and trusting, and be dealt a blow before you stop trusting the world?