Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday 27th 2010

I couldn't think of a title besides News stories, and too many of those and it will get boring, I should think of just one or two days a week to do news stories, or should I still with the random I am out of ideas so I search the news? anyway three stories today from two days ago. still in reason for the week.

first 50 days out at sea for three teenagers, this is a good thing, I do not know if I could take the coconut, and the laxative that it is. perhaps later in life, or a few weeks they will have a tell all story of at least how they caught the bird and where they learned the information that helped them survive.

next story, permanent war for the USA, honestly probably not because like the last depression we were in, war "solved" it for a few years, 50 or so, and during that all they did was refuse the idea that we were in a depression. and the economy is still failing, I make no money even having a job, prices for everything is going up, and the small business world can barely pay their employees with the min wage which leads this whole cycle to repeat, min wage goes up, costs go up, prices go up, min wage goes up. all the while the government is printing money to fuel this fire. the only thing constant is money or product being taken or used in other countries with a half stable economy.
the world has been good at war, america has been good at war, fighting and loving are two constants that are world wide, and loving only makes money for the porn industry.  I do not think this or the other few wars that we are involved in right now will continue, but there will always be another one coming next. \

this next one talks about the tsa again, still in the news, however to me this one is a funny backlash, wear a kilt, like a true Scotsman, I don't know that I am Scottish however I am Irish and I laugh at the kilt anyway.  I know one thing about a kilt, why its name, cause if you call it a dress you get kilt.

now I have to go shave off my red beard I grew during my days off work, well for work was fun while I had it, this has been a decent vacation.

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