Sunday, December 5, 2010

vacation prep

Well if it isn't apparent not I just got home from a short honeymoon, money goes quickly, yes it does, but we had much fun. All the things I've been reading and putting into my own practice, as well as my new wifes own paranoid packing we surprisingly only left with two bags of stuff for a destination two hours away up a few mountains and further into the cold. North Carolina is an interesting state in all seasons, and it is one where there is a little bit of everything here, beaches, mountains, swamps, lakes.. its all here, we lack a desert, but I'm not missing it.
One of the main things I made sure to take with me was insulated suits for both my new wife and I, because I did expect the cold, I didn't really expect the snow but it did not become a problem since it only came during the trip home. I have said before that I got stranded with my mother once on a mountain road, it was the same road I was traveling for this trip. I remember the cold of last winter. but the only bag I brought was my normal carry bag, that I started carrying everyday to work and such. it has a rain coat, some winter gear for the winter months, food, and it has my computer stuff normally, and things encase I stay at my mothers for a night.

I really should  see more of this state, and the country, I remember going to some of the places around this state when I was in school, but it was long ago.

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