Friday, November 19, 2010

holidays are upon us

I know all next week will be thoughts of turkey day, well ill be in the woods filming, going through the shelter we build, and doing some product reviews of things I have while I'm out there. my idea of holidays are to avoid the shopping craze completely by being out in the middle of the woods. it seems like I will now be out there from Tuesday to Friday, then I have to be back at work on Saturday, the weather report is looking annoying for me, raining on two of the days out there, and it seems like a few of the people will probably be leaving in the middle of it for thanksgiving stuff, which is fine, but I am not leaving. and I know one person wont be leaving because I am driving them there, there I can hopefully ignore the rest of the world right before my wedding, thats my kind of party. main piece of tech ill have out there is my cell phone, the iphone, I have a flashlight with a charger, though I thought the solar panel charged the cellphone too, but it doesn't so thats points against it when I review the item. I should have bought a solar charger for it, I will eventually, I found one for only 30 dollars, on a tech site.

anyway I know I skipped yesterday it was boring, I worked, it was hard for me to work really with my thumb, the superglue I put on made my thumb swell, so I was able to peal it off, then I let it get air for all of last night after wrapping it up while at work. it is looking better now. also ill be sending off my computer for a few days on Monday, the LCD screen cracked.

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