Monday, December 13, 2010

wintry mix

Okay, so I took my first day off right? no I still did stuff, like laundry, it is horrid that I have to go to my mothers to accomplish this task but its either there or laundromat and I lack the funds for that venture. while I was loading up my car with clothes it started sleeting then snowing and sleeting some more, so I got to enjoy driving in the wintery mix as the weather men put it, it was funny to me since the weather channel and all news reports said we were just to have snow flurries late that night. It was quite cold though so ice fell from the sky, while I was driving people were already running off the road, I could then plainly tell that the state had not issued to salt the roads, its amusing that the snow I knew was coming wasn't predicted by anyone else.

I know weather seems to be a big topic for me, hitting the last few posts talking nothing but about the weather, but honestly its cold, and in North Carolina, the part I live in, it is not normally this cold in December, whats worse is the fact that this is a very drafty apartment. so today I went to work with my duct tape and garbage bags, like my two favorite redneck fixing tools.

this would be my air conditioner, where the sealing around it is so bad the wife doesn't want to sit next to it, and the vent system inside it does not close right. so it gets covered, I am trying to talk her into letting me cover the windows in garbage bags or plastic to help them out, its easier than having the apartment repair idiots come through the place and fix things. 

Today the weather is, windy, and indeed it is very windy and a brisk 25 degrees outside, and I work tonight, joy of joys. 

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