Wednesday, December 8, 2010

horders or preppers

Whats the difference? I would like to think organisation and the lack of a tv show. From what I have seen on the Tv show, I am not a frequent watcher of the show, the people on the show are older, and sit at home normally never leaving the house at all, and have bought too much stuff out of mail order or shopping from tv, obtaining stuff spending money I wish I had for things they don't need, nor possibly even know the use for.  if you buy a bunch of cooking things on QVC leave them in boxes, never leave the house, are filling up your home removing even a walking pathway because of stuff you are a horder, if you have animals in your home and have too much stuff in there to clean up after them, you are a horder, and normally by that tv show, their houses are being condemned from the health department stated as being unfit to live in.
 preppers do probably buy too much stuff, and possibly from QVC however, from what I can tell, at least online the ones who advertise they are preppers do so with order, if you have 20 5 gallon buckets of food, you kinda want to know which bucket has what in it, so labels are your friend, I can't imagine it would be a good day if the health department did get a call on you and they enter your house to find a wall of buckets, or other food storage, and they think you are a horder of buckets. remember to make yourself able to walk through your home.
 honestly the worse thing I see in all of these is having animals in your house, this I am not a fan of, animals have adapted to live outside, if they aren't they are a useless animal to me. so your designer dog might be nice, but has no place with me, sorry wifey, your shih-tzu stays with your parents.

QOTD What are the TV shows you watch, do they relate to your ideas of prepping or survival?

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