Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first aid kit, and a reason to have one in your car

Well I said I was going to post my first aid kit and I did, I posted a video of it a few minutes ago, and now heres the list, but I also wanted to say, I was playing while at work, being stupid showing off the knife I made to my boss and cut my thumb, cut it rather deep, I should have had stitches, however I am cheap so its super glued shut which will work fine, ill also post a picture, but needless to say there wasn't a proper first aid kit at my work, my boss needs to restock, I had him go get my car kit, which I knew had proper things in my first aid kit. clean pads and such. so I stopped the bleeding, cleaned it out and my boss and I glued my skin together, then he went home for me to be closing manager like normal. just another day.

clean wipes/ wet wipes
hand lotion
safety pins
band aids
sterile saline solution
toilet paper
hair band/ rubber band
small ink pen
nail file
latex gloves
sterile unopened syringe
stretch bandaging
non stick bandage pads
hand sanitizer
small swiss army knife
anti itch cream
medications- benadryl, claritin, immodium

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