Saturday, November 6, 2010

cold weather

well to those all around the united states, we are entering winter, this next weekend we will be turning our clocks back, the fall back, and the cold snap has hit, and I have a camping trip planned over thanksgiving, I know its gonna be cold and im prepared for that, I do hope those coming with me are as prepared, it will be an interesting one when taking others with me who I have not gone camping with before, along with the shelter building and keeping a fire going during the night. I had to drive home tonight at 1 am, so thats why I kinda skipped a day in posting, but there was ice on my windshield, and on my car even after getting home, and I state this to the preppers, if you keep fluids in your car in case you run out, I would switch out that 50/50 antifreeze with straight antifreeze, I know I need to, because I have been putting straight water in the tank for a few months, beyond that my car has an antifreeze leak and I know this, but no money to deal with the problem anymore, ive replaced everything and I need to redo the seal on the water pump. so also to those preppers make sure you have warm clothes put in your car kits and bug out bags, it would be assumed that you switch out clothes for seasons. I remember a year ago, I was doing a job that required me to drive up into the mountains every night delivering meds to nursing homes easy job, but when my mothers car broke down and my mother and I were stranded on the top of a mountain pretty much, not in the clothes needed for that weather, I was only wearing my lighter leather coat and long pants, no gloves no hat, nothing. my mother wasn't wearing much better, but here we were stuck no triple A, and no idea who to call on our phones. beyond that, we didn't have any cash on us to even pay the tow truck so limited to only giving him 200 dollars, my mother was the only one who had money in her account, and it cost us that whole 200 to get down the mountain and back home in that car, it was the timing belt and that as a long ordeal to get that fixed. but after that I quickly figured out that at least the winter elements are not something to toy with so from then on during that job i kept my thermals, and thats what im planning on taking with me camping, I hope the others are that prepared.

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