Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Walking dead has ended

It was a good show, and I know this is a bit late even more so doing a daily blog, but I get to things in my own time, probably even writing important things. (jk) they don't mind killing off people I see, I never read the comic, probably still will not. I have enjoyed the first season and will plan to watch the next.
 I am glad its on basic cable for me to cheaply watch.
They have a well established camp even as they move around now, I was yelling quite a lot at people at the end of the show for them to get moving, the dramatic pauses while they had to stop and watch the explosions of the building were a bit of wasted time to me, all I could think of was that the noise would attract the walkers.
Watching such a situation makes my mind put me in it, and I don't know with the way I am I would ever be in those exact situations because of how avoidant I am from people or how cautious I am when I am around them. I would probably keep myself held up in a nice small quiet place with plenty of stuff for me and my family away from any people alive or dead. it bothers me still how much they do not work more towards getting away from people.

so QOTD in Zombie Apocalypse mode what would you do? ideally most likely? pessimistically... well I think dead is pessimistic.

also I have been vastly thinking of redoing the schedule of my posts, give myself a day off from it, IE Sunday, Saturday be the big news day post. then we will see about the rest of the week as of now, perhaps take one day from the blog for a video.

Also, comment, in a video rate, give me feed back of some kind okay?

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