Monday, August 29, 2011

Tough life

This post will very slightly... but this is my place so grin and bare it.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs its a pyramid it starts on the bottom. Level by level it tells of a persons needs, how they relate to ones survival and then to their well being, not just surviving but thriving.

physiological needs without these you cant live, air, water, food
next comes to safety, ( no dancing please ) this is what most preppers think about, in your home, psychological, so on so forth. I have this completely I feel safe.. but perhaps I have not been providing it properly for another..

this next need is love, belonging, if you are safe and only then can you love.. I love a lot, here in lies my current problem, it is between these two needs.  my love is complete, I know who I love, I know how to love. and its a damaging thing... but it isn't.. its a need, you need to love yourself you need to have love of others without it you are just surviving.

after love he puts esteem which I believe just goes in with love.. having self esteem and self respect is just love for yourself

after all this.. self actualization. I don't have a good one for this honestly so you get text book's_hierarchy_of_needs

lets hope my life..