Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hows everyone enjoying the heat?

Well, I haven't had much time off over the last few weeks and when I have, I have felt dead to the world. I have myself just generally been reading my blog roll not writing as you can tell. I have even thought about making other blogs on other topics, kinda a dumb idea when I have stopped keeping up this one as well as I had been.
The news has been talking about the debt ceiling which means little to mean in their terminology, but basically to keep the government afloat they want to put themselves and thus us in more debt, it isn't like we haven't been in debt since the day we were born.

All the more radical people are starting to say the world is changing and that there will be a big change for us, but the world is always changing, shifting and stopping and starting again. This should be nothing new for the people of the world, just look at history, the roman empire, to the fall, then the dark ages, and it cycles through to the Renaissance. 

words from me, Just keep doing what you are doing.