Sunday, January 29, 2012


A new year, with it brings new beginnings, I continue to be tested in my life, have it all taken from me, and I will always rise up from it and continue on. You can have one or one hundred things go wrong in your life somehow going through those things will make your life better in the end. my wife leaving put me on medications, true this now gives me a reliance on something that might become in short supply. but I have about 3 months supply now. This medication levels out my mood a lot which was apparently needed with my relationship with her. I am not mad at her for leaving and I understand why she did, I just wish it could have been resolved in a way where she could have stayed.

Beyond her leaving around the same time I lost my job, moved to another job, and then someone threw a rock through the window of my car, then a month or so later the car just broke down. I am currently having to drive my mothers car delivering food. I never have claimed I had a good job, but I wasn't killing vehicles doing the job. 

I have looked towards getting other jobs, or pursuing other options, I have not yet found one suited for me. The medication I am not on also seems to limit me on options because now people see me as diagnosed crazy. 

The good things I can say, I still have a job, I am still making money ( root of all evil in this society) and living the only way I can at this point in time. later on I will start  writing about actual survival stuff again. Also even being as I am I will always plan a camping trip this year, and it has been a truly mild winter. I hope spring will be a good time to go out to the mountains and throw up my hammock and relax some.