Saturday, November 13, 2010


most people you know are probably impulsive in some way, I admit I am too. being impulsive... well I cant find a  good side to it, in a relationship too quick to jump in for a hard core relationship, when learning something you want to just know it rather than taking the time to research. its what makes people pick up a video or a movie rather than reading a book, and its what has made society want to buy everything they need rather than make it, because if you are making it, it isn't there in front of you instantly, there are many things that I buy pre-made I went on a bit of a shopping spree at the flea market, getting a shovel and a face mask, could I have made the shovel no, the face mask, yes. I know I could have knitted a mask just like I can knit gloves, is it feasible not really. I like my fingerless gloves that cost a dollar at tag rat and I like this face mask and I know ill need it at night on this upcoming camping trip.

but the fact that so many people want things instantly, like how many people get annoyed waiting at the dmv? why weren't you planning on going there, you know the dmv takes awhile so why be annoyed. take a book, its bothersome that through out my grade school years the teachers had gotten so lazy as to show us movies of books we then later read, why not just read them?

being impulsive while buying things makes a person spend unneeded money, make poor decisions and the list can go on, if you all can thing of something I've left out about being impulsive please list them in the comments.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to the future

isn't it a classic? even though they only went to the year 2000 and we were suppose to have flying cars that run off organic waste, perhaps we could have this if the governments would stop killing off the scientists that develop the technology that actually changes the world rather than promoting the ones that just theories and make cars that still run on gasoline.

ok so I am slightly anti government, and slightly anti military, but even that statement and the ones I said yesterday doesn't mean that I do not respect those that give their life for the sake of the united states, I just feel that at this point, nothing is being accomplished but death.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

veteran's day

Its a day to remember that people go out and fight wars for us, keeping the american dream... something. sorry I've never been a fan of the military, perhaps its just my upbringing but being born how I was I just didn't like the idea of the military in the mindlessness of being make into a nameless number of an army.yet beyond this funny enough I'm attempting to be a police officer. I have a thing against being like everyone else, and being myself, I don't know if I will make it as a cop but at least I did try, I think I would like more being a forest ranger, or a private investigator. I guess this day means little to me, but  I know it means a lot for the country.  so today I had the day off work and went to the flea market to get some camping stuff, I bought a camping shovel. yeah thats it, welcome to being a minimalist, I'm lying of course, I am a tech geek, I always end up having too much gear even if I try to gear down. ill go through my bag list later and let you guys tell me what you think is pointless.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new day

I travel a lot, a bit, between my home and my mothers, so I always feel like I am camping out when I am there, I use my phone for my internet access and am paying rent for my apartment while not even there, I also have power and internet there, the only thing that is in constant use from me that I pay for is my phone, and thats something I've been paying for, for nearly 7 years and my second phone I got with this plan was a smart phone, so I've been used to the tech revolution for most of my life, and I had always wanted a computer got one after the other wasn't happy with them till I got my laptop. the ability to travel is awesome, and my phone being my internet completes it. that being said I am to the point that I do not need any new devices, my phone completes it. and iPhone, horrible pun really, I have an iPod and an iPhone that ends my apple devices and I probably would never get a mac computer, and the only reason I like the phone is that its jail-broken.

beyond my tech I use to be online and type right now, I am a gadget geek, and this is rather bad for me, monetary wise. because of this I work towards saving money and not buying my toys and realizing myself that before I got out of high-school, had a job, had money when I wanted something I didn't buy it, I made it from a very overactive imagination.

 I was a Lego kid, I loved building with them, before those Lincoln logs, these are toys that I hardly see advertised anymore and probably toys that kids never play with or learn from anymore, all the toys kids desire are the ones they see in the store and on TV, and the toys I played with were not advertised, but were very fun. ok then slightly went out on a tangent.

I was gonna show ya what knights knife looked like beside mine, since they were made at pretty much the same time but since they were done by two different people and his ideas of what he wanted in a knife and what I wanted, they ended up looking quite different.  because of the poor lighting in the picture they both look rusted, however this picture was taken at the same time as the others in my last post.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

knife finished for the most part

well this is it. it needs a little more sanding, and some linseed oil rubbed into it, but thats it, a knife I don't have to be scared of breaking and that I could hammer into a tree and stand on them. glad its done now on to making the sheath. probably be a leather one, looking for some stiff leather to make mine and knights with. anyway I like it..

Monday, November 8, 2010

just starting

one of the things I want people to realize when reading this blog, I am learning as I go, I am not an intense blogger, nor am I prepper, I like to think of myself as a person with a large mass of common sense, education wise, I have an associates in applied science, criminal justice degree. this does not mean that I am a cop, because I am not, I am probably just slightly more educated in laws than the average Joe.  I also do not think I could be a prepper, beyond that I do like planning and working on my own skills, I like to think that I could thrive in any situation, but unless you test that front it with routine, it isn't like to be the case.

so ever since I was a kid I liked to put myself in situations that set me at a disadvantage, walk around for a day.. without walking, like my legs were paralyzed, without an arm working, so on so forth, for that I can write with both hands, shoot guns and bows with both hands, and eat with my feet( nimble toes ) that was a lot of me just playing as a kid but they have improved my life in ways. like when I broke my hand, I found the two hardest things to do was brushing my hair and teeth with the other hand, so give it a try, use the hand that you ignore, for everything for a day.

perhaps one day ill seriously have the cash to make a bug out bag, or a car kit, right now all thats in my car is normal car stuff, first-aid kit and some clothes, others would probably say I'm lacking some stuff, and I'm probably forgetting to mention some super important thing I actually have. and I do know in winter my list of things in my car becomes large in ways of clothes, and I like the cold mind you, summer sucks to me you can only take so many clothes off, if your colder you can always put on another layer. and ill go through all the things ill be wearing on this upcoming camping trip, later, on video, perhaps i'll do a face reveal... that didn't last long but I didn't like being referred to as looking like a terrorist.