Friday, February 18, 2011

Planting season?

I know Daily is now more of a misnomer, and my blog posts have become more random at best, but I am trying to put out decent content, and mostly failing at it I believe. I lack a lot of spare time needed to write these properly, If however I stopped paying for my high-speed internet, I would have two things, more money, and more time, because having internet gives me too much to do beyond paying attention to prepping or this blog, Television doesn't help.

Okay so growing season, has it started? I have no clue honestly, my wife has gotten into it already though, after last year with her attempts at growing vegetation in the apartment failing I am curious to see what will happen this year. she already has one plant growing quite well from seeds, squash, and then she bought a strawberry plant. I know two things not really prepper useful, no wheats or grains. I wanted her to grow spring onions myself, thats something really easy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


No the wife and I are not moving, yet. This has been the topic of our conversations for months now, where we will go from here. Do we go to the cities to help our chances of finding work that will pay decently for her and I, do we move out to the location where we would like to settle for our life time. We both want to move around some, enjoy life before having children, and currently we have that luxury. We are young, smart enough to stay away from having children, and waiting till we are ready, mind that we do want kids.

I want to move away, and its been much debate to where, I want to move someplace where I can be out in the woods, have lots of land in be smack in the middle of it and go on my relaxing walks when ever I wish, it's something that takes me back to my childhood, being alone, doing what I wanted when I wanted, fishing, swimming, walking in the woods. I never got lost in the woods, I never got hurt out there to the point where I couldn't just walk home. I feel I was lucky. This is something I  want for my son, freedom. I didn't grow up having friends close by or people to talk to really, it was just me and some form of nature.

My wife's childhood was in a suburb, friends all around to play with, not having to walk even a block to find one of her little girlfriends to play with, and during her childhood she moved from that and out into the country, where her and her sister then played in a creek and had miniature horses. Her childhood had two vastly different worlds, and she liked the first better, and she wants the first world for her daughter.

The other big debate is when we have kids, she wants us to be close to where we are now so all the parents, then be grandparents can be close by to witness the birth of our children, I would rather just fly them out to where we are.

The big question still remains, where do we move to? Well in the end the wife has said that when we are settled down I get my big mass of land and woods, so I am happy with that idea, but where? What state should we live in. NC is has a lot of woods, just like the ones I grew up with. Should we do somewhere west, perhaps more north, What is everyone else's ideas, I would like to hear them.