Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday News

Only about, this phrase stands out above all others in this article, Only about 18,000 people. What is it about Only about? Well to this writer Only about 18,000 people died from swine flu. Now I am sure more people die every day, every second or so on and so forth, But I dislike it being put in that context. Just to say only, that word belittles a number, it is used to preceve that it is not that much, there could have been more. This is true more people could have died, and its also a statement of unknowing, only about 18,000 people died.

I know that is not what the article was speaking about, but its just what struck my cord. It could be interesting how much of a boost to the immune system the vaccine gives people, however I never have gotten a flu vaccine for anything, the last person in my family that I knew to get them was my grandmother, and to me I saw he get sick after every one of them.

and more reporting to my hate of that phrase... no one will ever say " only about 3000 people died on 9/11 "

Friday, January 14, 2011


I was bored today after having to go pick up my check at work, realizing I was right beside the library, even though I pass the building all the time, I hardly go in anymore. I went in and figured I would try to see what books they had on prepping or survival, being a county system library I would have thought it would have more books, of course I used the computer's " card catalog" I think that is a joke really, I remember card catalogs and they were not that easy  to use as I remember them.
There were a few sections and even fewer books. from the books I saw I got two  Wright's Complete disaster survival Manual, by Ted Wright, and Come back Alive by Robert Young Pelton. I apparently have two weeks to read the books, I know I wont get to, I am still reading the zombie survival guide, I just do not take much time to read, I have this blog to write, the day job, a wife, and just other general things I do to relax and reading just takes second string.
 I will probably keep checking out the books so I have time to read them, see how much I like them or they compare to Les Stroud, Survive or Sas Survival guide.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day?

I randomly skipped a day? Sorry. I am surprised at NC and our schools and businesses, the schools have been closed all week, and this is suppose to be the first week back to school, that is rather crazy. I know that the roads have been bad, more so than most since I have had to work each day of snow and ice and drive on the roads during it for my job. I have seen many cars on the sides of the road, and even co workers sliding and one crashing, he is fine however. I guess in the south people are not required to learn how to drive in any condition, like bus drivers.
The co-worker that wrecked did tell me a good story about seeing two police cruisers sitting in a parking lot then one backing up preforming a reverse 180 then drifting in circles around the other police cruiser. I would have liked to see video of this.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter time

I never have understood why holiday poems involve snow, it never happens here, and as far as I am aware you have to be rather far north to see snow early in winter, also in the north you see people with two sets of tires, winter and summer, and even owning chains on tires, if I ever move north I will have to deal with this. In the south I have all season tires and everything this winter has thrown at me so far has been drivable, at least for me. I have a few pictures or snippets of video where I saw trucks on the side of the road from crashing, and I was driving in a small 4 cylinder front wheel drive car.

Speaking of cars, trucks and other. I want something other, an Suv, I have access to a truck, a Ford F 150 that was my father's. It doesn't fun to well at this point, I have never been that great at car upkeep, and money is also a requirement of that, not something I have much of.
Regardless, I would like a Jeep or a Subaru beyond that I do not know, I want some luxury in a vehicle, but I do  want it to have the capability to go off road and have 4 wheel drive. I also want something 4 door so I can carry people, things and future family easier, and most of all I am tired of sitting on the ground while I am driving.
Any suggestions on an SUV please comment and tell me what you think?

Monday, January 10, 2011

down time

What is there for you to do in your downtime as a survivalist, prepper, or such. Well you can continue to learn like I am sure you are attempting to do now by reading this and any other blog about survival. Currently I am in my own downtime, I am off work for the night, a night I was planning to be out working for the entire night, because of the snow I had to close the store early as directed by my boss. Now I am in my self looking for something to do, the first thing for me to do as always is for me to find something to read, normally I find myself entranced into one of the many other survival blogs or something dealing with my many other hobbies, anime, paranormal, I can not stay on just one topic, it would drive me nuts.  

The normal things to talk about right now a congresswoman got shot, I believe from this I do like North Carolinas congressman's reaction, he bought a gun. I believe the idea of "if my security can not protect me I will protect myself. " 

The Weather it's self is a story too, because, well It sent me home from work among other things. I saw many wrecks when I was out driving  for work, and many people who are not capable of driving in this mess.