Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things go boom

The government has simulated a nuclear blast, and said that it is a survivable event, several problems. they did it where the government isn't, why would someone nuke the american movie industry?

beyond that they have a whole list of things we could do if it happens to attempt to prolong our sorry lives while they hide in a well furnished bunker. like not moving. it would be more harm to go outside into the radiation than remain inside and starve. yay prepping. beyond these thoughts, you could move away from this and think about the nuclear power plants near you, or in fallout range one of which I am in range of McGuire power plant. I have always lived in range of dying by this thing, and have driven by it many times on land and on the lake.

it really doesn't take hate to end the world or our lives, just stupidity, in so many available ways.

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