Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new day

I travel a lot, a bit, between my home and my mothers, so I always feel like I am camping out when I am there, I use my phone for my internet access and am paying rent for my apartment while not even there, I also have power and internet there, the only thing that is in constant use from me that I pay for is my phone, and thats something I've been paying for, for nearly 7 years and my second phone I got with this plan was a smart phone, so I've been used to the tech revolution for most of my life, and I had always wanted a computer got one after the other wasn't happy with them till I got my laptop. the ability to travel is awesome, and my phone being my internet completes it. that being said I am to the point that I do not need any new devices, my phone completes it. and iPhone, horrible pun really, I have an iPod and an iPhone that ends my apple devices and I probably would never get a mac computer, and the only reason I like the phone is that its jail-broken.

beyond my tech I use to be online and type right now, I am a gadget geek, and this is rather bad for me, monetary wise. because of this I work towards saving money and not buying my toys and realizing myself that before I got out of high-school, had a job, had money when I wanted something I didn't buy it, I made it from a very overactive imagination.

 I was a Lego kid, I loved building with them, before those Lincoln logs, these are toys that I hardly see advertised anymore and probably toys that kids never play with or learn from anymore, all the toys kids desire are the ones they see in the store and on TV, and the toys I played with were not advertised, but were very fun. ok then slightly went out on a tangent.

I was gonna show ya what knights knife looked like beside mine, since they were made at pretty much the same time but since they were done by two different people and his ideas of what he wanted in a knife and what I wanted, they ended up looking quite different.  because of the poor lighting in the picture they both look rusted, however this picture was taken at the same time as the others in my last post.

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