Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday news

Even though its currently Friday... I just have nothing to really post about this week, been drained from work and other life events, trying to follow world and local news is even some times a hassle.

for local news, I am not going to link to it but, McGuire nuclear power station was set offline for a few days because of fish getting caught in the water intake for cooling. This makes me so pleased about how close I live to this place.

The other news is what everyone is talking about right now, Egypt. Right now I am kinda surprised we are actually getting news reports from Egypt, here we have to consider total media black out for them really, internet gone, cellphones gone, and they are rioting, looting and going just bat shit insane attempting to get back some simple liberties, I know there are countries that are on peoples do not go list, well right now this is one.  No Pyramid visits for awhile because of this one. With this story there is not just one news report, there are several, it has taken over CNN, taken over every international news, in money news from this stocks are dropping, oil will be going back up perhaps higher. The world's economy as it is now is so unstable, one country faltering is effecting all others, when USA started, so did the rest of the world, I am sure this was seen .
Now with Egypt, they want freedom and its being taken from them, and all those with my mindset are just watching, waiting, all the while knowing it could happen here next, and all for the most part without anymore warning then what we are already getting, this warning we have flashing at us right now, that everyone is ignoring. just wait for it.

remember this has all happened, in just 4 days.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor Man is Poor

You better believe I am the poor man. Prepping for me consists of food, mostly what I get from a local food bank, the government says I make too much money at my job currently for food stamps, but I was receiving them, and at my job even in a manager position, I make minimum wage, federal minimum wage, seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. I work about 36 hours a week, kept from ever getting overtime, and do odd jobs for my bosses, and where ever I can find, including attempting to scrape money out of this blog and other writing ventures.
Perhaps saying I am poor is wrong, I pay all my bills on time, I am not behind on bills, I have a few credit cards between me and my wife, but we eat every night, have food on backlog, and I keep a roof over our head.

I get my food from a place called Christian ministries, do not know if they have them anywhere, being Christian isn't required. In our town, it is near the soup kitchen, I have not been in there. Perhaps it is wrong of me to obtain food from places like this, we consider I do have a job, I live paycheck to paycheck yes, but I also afford myself a few luxuries, like television, cellphones, internet. I will not and do not pay subscription internet games. 
I have many expenses at my house, laundry is one of the big oppressors considering  I do not have a washer and drier, I recall days long past with my mother going to a laundromat when the washer had broken and it being 50 cents or so to wash clothes, not with todays inflation.

The food I get, I keep, powered milk, canned soups, frozen meats, breads, not all are long lasting, but we use it.  
Speaking of the roof over our heads, I live in an apartment, not the first choice of course, I would love living out of this small city, out in the country, I miss my childhood home but I would not move there again because of how close it is to a nuclear power plant, and even closer to a steam power plant.
My apartment is full brick housing, small, one story, the entire complex is one story, and it is on high ground. I would take this apartment over any trailer double or single wide any day, beyond that the double-wide I was living in before was at the bottom of a hill and flooded out constantly. 

What I think I am trying to say is that even as someone on minimum wage, living paycheck to paycheck, if you swallow your pride, much like I had to, and ask for help from places like Christian ministries, or food stamps, you can be a prepper too, and if you get food stamps and use them wisely, they can stretch a long way. Buying pre-made food is quick and costly, buying supplies takes long to fix meals but is always cheaper, also another helpful hint, you can buy seeds, so vegetables, herbs, fruit, anything you can grow small, even in an apartment is more useful than not having any food.

QOTD: do you live paycheck to paycheck?