Saturday, December 11, 2010

weather woes

Well I live in the southern United states, so I am only dealing with the cold so far, and there was some snow that fell last week here while I was on vacation. I wonder if the gulf spill will have an effect on the wind streams and currents this early on from the spill. I do have to say as long as I have lived here( my entire life ) I have never seen winter weather come from above the mountains then down into the foothills. When the weather comes from the north like Illinois it hits the mountains and they break up the snow clouds. So something odd happened with the weather stream to make it take a path which I have never seen. it is typical for the snow to come from the south to hit North Carolina then move up the coast. Currently though, normal amounts of winter weather is hitting ... well the normal parts of the country to receive it.

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this one is about Identity theft. It's an interesting statement, your username, your code name to yourself. what to do you call yourself online, and what you do call yourself could lead to your own downfall of your identity, this basically goes on the idea of how many different accounts you have with one username. I use a few different usernames, thats a good thing for me. look over your own accounts. be secure.

Friday, December 10, 2010

something to say

my blog my rules I suppose, perhaps that sometimes the name of it is not just about survival, but my own survival, survival of life. I know I should continue to present information, sometimes I might think it is moot like its all been said before, but I'll attempt to keep going, but another day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Walking dead has ended

It was a good show, and I know this is a bit late even more so doing a daily blog, but I get to things in my own time, probably even writing important things. (jk) they don't mind killing off people I see, I never read the comic, probably still will not. I have enjoyed the first season and will plan to watch the next.
 I am glad its on basic cable for me to cheaply watch.
They have a well established camp even as they move around now, I was yelling quite a lot at people at the end of the show for them to get moving, the dramatic pauses while they had to stop and watch the explosions of the building were a bit of wasted time to me, all I could think of was that the noise would attract the walkers.
Watching such a situation makes my mind put me in it, and I don't know with the way I am I would ever be in those exact situations because of how avoidant I am from people or how cautious I am when I am around them. I would probably keep myself held up in a nice small quiet place with plenty of stuff for me and my family away from any people alive or dead. it bothers me still how much they do not work more towards getting away from people.

so QOTD in Zombie Apocalypse mode what would you do? ideally most likely? pessimistically... well I think dead is pessimistic.

also I have been vastly thinking of redoing the schedule of my posts, give myself a day off from it, IE Sunday, Saturday be the big news day post. then we will see about the rest of the week as of now, perhaps take one day from the blog for a video.

Also, comment, in a video rate, give me feed back of some kind okay?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

horders or preppers

Whats the difference? I would like to think organisation and the lack of a tv show. From what I have seen on the Tv show, I am not a frequent watcher of the show, the people on the show are older, and sit at home normally never leaving the house at all, and have bought too much stuff out of mail order or shopping from tv, obtaining stuff spending money I wish I had for things they don't need, nor possibly even know the use for.  if you buy a bunch of cooking things on QVC leave them in boxes, never leave the house, are filling up your home removing even a walking pathway because of stuff you are a horder, if you have animals in your home and have too much stuff in there to clean up after them, you are a horder, and normally by that tv show, their houses are being condemned from the health department stated as being unfit to live in.
 preppers do probably buy too much stuff, and possibly from QVC however, from what I can tell, at least online the ones who advertise they are preppers do so with order, if you have 20 5 gallon buckets of food, you kinda want to know which bucket has what in it, so labels are your friend, I can't imagine it would be a good day if the health department did get a call on you and they enter your house to find a wall of buckets, or other food storage, and they think you are a horder of buckets. remember to make yourself able to walk through your home.
 honestly the worse thing I see in all of these is having animals in your house, this I am not a fan of, animals have adapted to live outside, if they aren't they are a useless animal to me. so your designer dog might be nice, but has no place with me, sorry wifey, your shih-tzu stays with your parents.

QOTD What are the TV shows you watch, do they relate to your ideas of prepping or survival?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is an interesting game that if done correctly teaches an interesting set of skills. the idea behind the game is to find a geo cache near your home or near a destination you are taking for that day, I could have probably found many of them out in Cherokee when I went, but I was enjoying the relaxing too much for that. I know there are several geo caches near my house and have thought about making another one near me.
I have only found one geo cache and thats near my wife school it was done by one of the classes there.
what you do is go to the website and download the set of coordinates for the location of the cache and plug it into a gps, which it could also go into a detailed map, you go out search for it on food, the website gives a lot of information for helping you hunt, but most of the information comes from the person that set out the cache and those that have already found it, perhaps given a hint or something to that nature, and there are some code hints in the name some times. then once you get to the given area, since gps isn't completely accurate, you have to look around. which this makes for some skills there, looking for something that is meant to be hidden, like an explosive device perhaps. it gives a slight attempt to make you more aware of your surroundings, more so if you go and look at the site and see how many geo-caches are near your home. it might surprise you how many there are.
if  you don't have a gps, use a map, I first downloaded the app to my iphone and tried it. I had fun dragging the wife through some woods to that one cache and I want to try it again, I still haven't found the one thats at the store near where I work.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Car Carry

This post is brought on by a question from me to a customer at my day job, me stating, your not really dressed for the weather are you? her answer " Yeah, I don't like wearing a jacket in the car." and she was wearing a light jacket for early spring maybe, and its suppose to be 19 degrees F tonight. I have a thermal suit I brought inside work with me tonight, I've had it in my car since it got cold, with her answer all I could think of was what if her car broke down. her other answer was that she had left her car running so it would be warm still, what if she locked her keys in her car? I know its a lot of 'what ifs' but thats the idea behind preppers, to prepare for any situation that could happen no matter how unlikely.

 I have locked me keys in my car so often that I carry a spare car key in my wallet, and I have a spare to my wifes car, in the first 3 days she locked her keys in her new car and tore up a lot of the rubber seal getting back inside. I knew how to break in my car, and did it a few times, but it wont work for me now, but I have that key, and I locked my keys in my car on my honey moon even, wasn't a problem I had the spare.  thats just one situation.

Where I work we deliver food, I don't always deliver but I have before and keep a lot of things in my car, food, water, first aid kit, roadside kit, normal car stuff for me, I even have a jumper box in the back of my car, its been the best 100 dollars I ever spent, with it having a tire pump, av inverter, and car jumper, it is one all around handy tool. its one of those things I have everyday in my car that I don't think about, like the camp shovel, I left it in my car, do not know why I would ever need it, but I do not know thats why its there.

QOTD whats something that you think is odd, that you carry in your car?

also please dress warm in the winter do not rely on your cars heater.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

vacation prep

Well if it isn't apparent not I just got home from a short honeymoon, money goes quickly, yes it does, but we had much fun. All the things I've been reading and putting into my own practice, as well as my new wifes own paranoid packing we surprisingly only left with two bags of stuff for a destination two hours away up a few mountains and further into the cold. North Carolina is an interesting state in all seasons, and it is one where there is a little bit of everything here, beaches, mountains, swamps, lakes.. its all here, we lack a desert, but I'm not missing it.
One of the main things I made sure to take with me was insulated suits for both my new wife and I, because I did expect the cold, I didn't really expect the snow but it did not become a problem since it only came during the trip home. I have said before that I got stranded with my mother once on a mountain road, it was the same road I was traveling for this trip. I remember the cold of last winter. but the only bag I brought was my normal carry bag, that I started carrying everyday to work and such. it has a rain coat, some winter gear for the winter months, food, and it has my computer stuff normally, and things encase I stay at my mothers for a night.

I really should  see more of this state, and the country, I remember going to some of the places around this state when I was in school, but it was long ago.