Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday sunday sunday

I was trying to pawn off some of the writing of this blog to some other authors so my opinion isn't the only one being viewed, so I have given the pen to two others, if they decide to pull the pen and start writing it is up to them and I will allow them to introduce themselves. I couldn't find much towards issues in the news today. and my words of wisdom are lacking when I can't think of a topic. 
I do know I need more prepping for winter time, last night I sat in my car for too long( to me ) waiting for my windshield to defrost, I could not find my ice scraper, I never could find it during the day today, I worked the most of it, and tomorrow will be much of the same. and 4 days until wedding thing. sorry my post is lacking today, I waited too late to do it, and lacked proper content. come back tomorrow 

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