Tuesday, November 30, 2010

can I keep it up?

Its apparently as I am noticing quite a challenge to keep a blog going daily while still doing a day job, it does so get into the way.
heres a few questions to everyone, are you a casual camper, when you camp what is your idea of camping? in an RV, bringing a tent, constructing a shelter.
 I know if you want to prepare for a survival situation, you can just start camping normally and each time just leave out bringing one item of comfort. the first thing always to go for me would be the tent, and since my last shelter idea bombed.
 I wouldn't attempt making a group shelter, I would make a small personal one, and when you make one of those mainly in the winter, you want it as small and close to you as possible, because the more air that is in there with you the more cold air you have in there with you. trust me cold is bad.
 I've also had a few friends, war re-en-actors tell me that you should always change clothes before sleeping, stating that no matter what you try you will sweat and be wet while attempting to sleep, this does work I know, but in attempts to travel with as little as possible.. that is hard.
 Just bringing what I did with me, my bag was overly heavy and I felt tremendously loaded down. and I do not know what will be the next thing I decide to remove from my camping, always will take a first aid kit, I like my ground tarps, and I like taking tarps for water proofing. something in that will probably be gone. In the summer, when next I will camp, it will be just me and the hammock and I hope the people that were suppose to come then will come this time for sure.

QOTD- When ( season ) do you plan camping trips?

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  1. I really haven't been camping since I was young. I should get around to it... possibly when the better half gets around to moving in.