Friday, November 5, 2010

lazy day, work day

well my morning was just me working on the knife while lying around the apartment, not the most exciting thing in the world I know, but its simple and it saves money, and money is something I do know that many people do not have much of. I also know that I am fortunate being able to afford my apartment, and all my other luxuries, especially knowing that there are people not even  miles away living in tents out in the woods in the outskirts of the city, I don't really know a way to feel sorry for these people for their ideas of not being able  to get a job, now I work a crappy job getting paid a sad hourly wage but I do get paid enough to live. last year I was between jobs and during this time between conventional jobs, I had three others that weren't taxed but I made enough to pay bills, one job was working at the renn faire, that was an interesting subculture of people who work and make a living by moving around, camping in tents where ever the faire is, like a carnival or a normal fair really, but just to see how much they made products, handmade things just to be sold at the renn faires because things there are semi required to be hand made, like the costumes I wore, had to be hand made because of the fabric and other uniform requirements. it was a nice job for me, and the most fun I have ever had at a job, I would love to live in that type of simplistic fashion, that is beyond off the grid living honestly, they live in tents permanently, no house payment, no power bill, only fuel to drive to the next job. living like a gypsy, a nomad in a modern world while working in a reenactment of an old world, it is an amusing thing to see behind that stage.

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