Monday, November 29, 2010

drop a few cents in

well I am still thinking back on my camping trip on the things I could have accomplished had I stayed out there video wise, and I keep telling myself I will do something that will make up the things I didn't complete like the product reviews, and I do want to at least do a proper review of that hammock, and I want to stand by the fact that you do not have to buy name brand things, or things you see as over priced, for me that hammock was an impulse buy. something I wanted, I like how compact it is and how easy it is for me to set up, but I saw a hammock a few weeks later at a major mall store for 20 bucks, thats a stark difference from the 70 I paid.

I am going to do a video review of the hammock AND show you how make a cheap tarp like the one I made out in the woods, and even make it better since I will be making it in the comfort of my mothers house.

One thing I dislike about the world anymore is the fact of how much this nation is a consumer nation, made in the USA is a joke, even if something is branded that, the materials aren't, its like thinking back through how food is made, well a loaf of bread, what made it, flour and water, yeast, where did you get that? did you make it or buy it, yes there is a Simplicity to buying it but its so much easier later on knowing how to make something when you don't have the ability to buy it.

even todays news story today I found, he had no knowledge of his own, relied on information obtained at the point of tragedy, he had an iphone, and a first aid app, rather funny, but it did save his life, now he is writing a book

Now question of the day, lets start a new thing to get people commenting. What is one thing you can make without buying something, anything, to make it? it can be anything, food, a charm, neckless, weapon. and I'll make it easy, you can scavenge garbage. show me, don't just say you can make it, do it and post a picture.

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