Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its not Paranoia, its preparedness.

I said this to my wife the other day, then typed it out, and never did finish the post due to computer problems, my mind has been going in 8 different directions due to my mind getting set on something I want to build, and when I get set to want to make something, nothing comes between me and that thing. in moments of my A.d.d. mind I get.. ooo new ipad.. No shouldn't splurge on computer goodness. I know I should not be splurging on anything, world going to toilet, gas prices up, I suck as a prepper. The wife is getting a new job though, this should help out a lot, I hope. Went out and about today on my one useful day off, the wife got a bread-maker for 4 dollars, at 90% off at a thrift store, just our luck really, was 40 dollars, yes do the math.

As for this blog, I haven't had a good story to tell really, the other bloggers are going full force, about libya, wars, economy and the end of the world, honestly I think about all that stuff all the time too, but I have other hobbies.

in terms of posts, I will get back to you, I do hope I have more to write about then, comment perhaps, give me an incentive.