Thursday, November 11, 2010

veteran's day

Its a day to remember that people go out and fight wars for us, keeping the american dream... something. sorry I've never been a fan of the military, perhaps its just my upbringing but being born how I was I just didn't like the idea of the military in the mindlessness of being make into a nameless number of an army.yet beyond this funny enough I'm attempting to be a police officer. I have a thing against being like everyone else, and being myself, I don't know if I will make it as a cop but at least I did try, I think I would like more being a forest ranger, or a private investigator. I guess this day means little to me, but  I know it means a lot for the country.  so today I had the day off work and went to the flea market to get some camping stuff, I bought a camping shovel. yeah thats it, welcome to being a minimalist, I'm lying of course, I am a tech geek, I always end up having too much gear even if I try to gear down. ill go through my bag list later and let you guys tell me what you think is pointless.

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