Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday News post, I need a slogan for it or something

First story, Korea, good, bad, north, and south. lets see, south Korea doing firing tests, north Korea thinking this is a war effort, and now north Korea jumping further on the war issue, I think we have been here before. lets hope this time we stay out of it, but what am I saying the USA lives to fight other peoples battles for them.

Snow. Okay this time it isn't in NC, it was suppose to snow today, I kinda missed it, wanted it, hoped for it, it failed me, so its snowing in Europe, apparently this is odd weather for them this early too!

Prison Break at a Mexican border prison. this is not good, 141 prisoners escaped most likely with the workers help, leaving out of a service entrance used for vehicles

Did your childhood suck? were you abused, beated, sexually abused at one point in your life? your not alone, as an adult or a child really. welcome to the world of why the world sucks and why if you aren't abused at home then you are at school or work.

Fat kids multiply we blame the schools, Okay so schools are letting our fat kids opt out of P.e. and well I do believe this requires a parental consent form we are still blaming the schools for it. when I was a kid I played outside riding my bike around in circles and I stayed skinny, I did not gain weight until I moved and got cable Television. P.e did not do much to help me with my weight because at my size then I wasn't big enough to do a pull up, I did not have the muscle build I was just skinny, if you want to complain about the lack of P.e then it should attempt to be effective in the first place.

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