Saturday, December 4, 2010

OK I am Back, married honeymooned and rested? hardly

Ok For the news, 4 stories, quite interesting to me, two of them about wikileaks, I cant say I have read much on this website, but I have watched some of the videos, and they are interesting to say the least. It's a website that is letting out secrets of the US government, however I think, if they were so important secrets we still wouldn't know them, I would still like to know who shot jfk, was 9/11 an inside job, something of that nature. There are long past secrets of the government that could change the views of the world on our own government. but right now, they are just releasing batches of documents the common public is hearing the names of the batches of documents, not what they contain or their importance only that they could damaging to to the government, or cost people jobs, and that last statement is the only one hitting home for people, thats the eye catcher statement because everyone is already out of a job.

wikileaks looses its paypal account, they cant accept donations from them now, honestly it was coming since all american companies are backing away from them quickly.

and this one is forbidding all federal employees to Not look at wikileaks, at work, at home, on your mobile phone. because you shouldn't know whats there. thats it in a nut shell, I wonder though, will they know? really? will you get fired if you do look?

Next story ! Land up for sale, nice secluded, out in perfect prepper country, one hitch it belonged to the uni-bomber

and a stranded boat off the coast of alaska.. ok I am jumping bail off this one for thinking it was interesting, but it was for a second. stranded crew, no one can get out to them yet. What would you do? QOTD

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