Wednesday, November 3, 2010

knife making

well today besides working, I spent my entire day shaping a piece of scrap steel into a knife, I have not finished mind you, but I got a good chunk of the work done. since I had a partner on making this, we were making him one too, and filmed it, so me and knight are on video showing off the ease of making a knife simply with a 20 dollar grinder, now be it I have a lot of tools from my father and my grandfathers collecting, and they are all mine now, but it doesn't mean that they are all needed.  the video should be posted in a few minutes from this post, we are both covered up in it, keeping with the hiding of my appearance as an experiment, and it was interesting in the filming I called knight by his real name a few times and had to re-shoot the video for that section. beyond this I do hope to teach you something in this, and that is, that everything can be made, its a lot cheaper to buy a grinder/ grinding disks, than to buy a knife. same can be said for many things.

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