Wednesday, May 27, 2015

no water

remember folks, store water of some kind you never know when you will need it, right now we need it because our well stopped pumping water last night right when I was trying to take a shower. I was in the shower just getting wet and the shower just stopped. we tried to fill up some water jugs while the water was still slowly and muddy, but it came out. water is the life blood of surviving and I have gone without a few times while living in the situation I am currently in. but I have been in situations with no water and I survived then and I can do so now.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

new pack and other wants

I have a wishlist of gear and camping equipment I have yet to get. I'm like this every year around this time, all I want is to be outside.I want to get a new bag, the one I have is light yes but the pockets are hard to access without emptying the entire pack, So a new pack is one of the next things I want to find, and in between the different things I like having a molle/alice system would be nice, and I think that this pack has some molle first I looked at the voodoo tactical  matrix bag
I liked it, the pockets are nicer but, I'm not much of a light camper, I have a large
cooking set and go camping for days. I am not bushcrafty enough to only deal with so little gear.
the next bag was hard to find even to buy but the thrill of the hunt for this pack was on, looks like molle webbing on the front, comes with a rain fly built in, the pockets are removable so accessing items in there will be possible with out emptying the pack, and this pack was big enough for my kit. I hope, I haven't gotten it yet. wish my luck.

I would like everyone to think of me as a few things. the poorman's prepper possibly, a cheap camper with some nice gear. I would rather be an inventive survivor. I like to think I have common sense down, and this helps when I'm in need of something I can normally make it. and honestly I don't have a job right now, I'm not bringing in any money at this time but I still manage my way to get gear, I bought a few things on my tax return. some of those things are camera batteries, and with that I hope to start doing videos too, I have shot a few hours worth of footage but I don't want it released yet.
These bags I will buy this bigger one, and it has a lot of bells and whistles like a moving strap set..I've only found this set for sale in china now, it was on ebay shortly.

and the other thing I would like for my travels his this grill top.

Sunday, May 17, 2015
to anyone that reads this, read this article it shows the dangers of survival tv and highlights just a few things that can happen while out in the wild. people trying to produce their own survival tv have to compete with. shows that get ratings for being outlandish. compared to actually trying to survive. I personally do not promote a lot of these shows and will flag them down on shit they are doing stupidly, and if I see the duel survival people repel down another cliff.. I swear.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Calamine needed

Well I sit here covered in poison ivy it's a truly evil thing, don't worry I've had it before and know how to deal with it. I've made quite a few videos but I haven't uploaded them or made them watchable yet, I really don't like what I've recorded, I just recorded a few things in my yard some of the fruit we grow here, I do wish we did more like keep rabbits or something... I really want rabbits or maybe like our neighbors get chickens. Few riots I've seen in other countries I haven't seen any more news reports about it in America. I really don't want to repeat the news. I have written quite a bit here and I have no idea if it's been useful for anyone at all, but I will try to write some more useful things I've purchased a few new books I would recommend petersons guides I have the eastern America books for edible and medicinal plants. The idea of returning to doing Daily posts is daunting perhaps with the videos I make I'll write up one post a week. Not changing the name though.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

shit hits the fan

It has been a long time since I penned something proper to this blog, so far this week we have volcano, earthquakes and riots. Then come the words from my mother, the world will be end by fire.

which one of these disasters do you think is worse? where is someplace you would go to get away from the ever growing police state just to keep people from destroying there own cities. I don't understand it really, but what can we do, well I believe this is where bugging in comes to the table as an option, and a very good one. 
 So much has changed in my life since I started this blog, I was married now I am not. It's for better or worse really. I think I'm going to switch over to doing videos.I still enjoy blogging but I enjoy being outside more and I've been taking that step more and more. and slowly ill train myself to be a true survivalist. try now I am a dabbler for I have only gone camping and not had to deal with bad weather or the hardships of mother nature. 
So I made a facebook page to go with this site I think I made it wrong it doesnt show up like my paranormal section of now you can like or friend me. I could also use some help setting up the facebook to send auto notices for the blog like it does on twitter

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Possible return!

I'm thinking about revamping this blog and giving it a good turn around, I've learned a lot since I stopped writing in this blog and I've been writing randomly in a personal blog. So now no more hiding my face or anything, and I think I will start doing videos. Let's all see if I can do what I preach. This year I want to spend more time in the woods more time fishing and playing like I did when I was a kid, got I miss lake Norman. In those years of my life I was always doing something outside and now I'm more of a couch potato. So who's with me to write this thing, and make it better than ever and me showing some of the old skills I know and some of the new skills I've learned and we will do things I've never tried before.
So hears to a new summer season coming let's hope it's a good year to be outside, because that's where I want to be.