Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Walking dead

I have seen every other survival blog speak about this already, and I think its a good show, its what into the 3rd or 4th ep, and I do love the show, and I believe that it does demonstrate some good survival ideas like them all having a bag, a go back, bug out bag, what ever you want to call it when they were in that building gathering food and supplies, I would advise against how they apparently had the one kid going in there by himself against all those undead. it showed a use for old style cbs and walkie talkies, for the fact that unlike cell phones they are not reliant on cell towers and power to be on for those things. it shows how the laws are easily dissolved once there is no police or military to be seen and since I have not heard or read this comic before I am curious to know if we will see any presence of an active military. in tonights show I enjoyed the idea behind keeping the fire low to avoid attraction. the family drama I don't really care about it but if you attempt to learn something out of everything you do as I do, then you avoid the things you don't care about.

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