Saturday, November 20, 2010

when it comes down to it

How bad does the world have to get for people to see it? I can see quite clear how much the world is controlled by well not even the governments but by one non federal, Private bank, called the federal reserve. this is the one bank in the united states that prints our money, then loans the money from the bank to the government, with interest. so from the first dollar printed by this bank we the country had debt. its called centralized banking and this is the second time our country had one, the first one, one of our presidents abolished. ( look it up ) as long as the US has this system the country will be in debt and its because of this debt, that we have to pay so many taxes, does no one else think it is so wrong that we pay taxes three times on some items? pay to buy it, pay to keep it, then pay to sell it. beyond that your paying taxes to make the money you need just to spend it? with all that wouldn't the government have an abundance of money from us? no because they are and will always be in debt. 
beyond all this dept too the only people making real money are the ones making the laws keeping this bank in business and the other companies that profit through this messed up system, credit cards, banks, loan agencies, and our current biggest rip off fad, gold buyers. they make money based on the idea that we will have debt. its like insurance, its a system based on the fact that you pay money for something you might need, not something you will, but might need. so if we want to continue to talk about the coming downfall of the economy it really fell before it was up, because the debt was always there, theres no way to pay it back. now I look at my useless bills I pay, cable, insurance, power, credit cards. I wish I had never used a credit card, and whats bad is I will have to use them again. car insurance I never use, I always pay cash to a lawyer to get me out of anything. cable? I pay for my internet and its overpriced for what I use it for. and power, well wouldn't it be nice to have the money I would save paying a power bill to invest in solar panels.

this goes back to my want to live off the grid, something I probably wont get to do just because of how my life has been so far, very sheltered, but some people who aren't as lucky as me to have good credit, or have even the job I do to afford this apartment live in tents, and they have a life with it, some do. like the rennies I made friends with at the renn faire when I worked there, I loved that life, and they lived quite well. well heres another example of tent living, though slightly more urban area. 


Friday, November 19, 2010

holidays are upon us

I know all next week will be thoughts of turkey day, well ill be in the woods filming, going through the shelter we build, and doing some product reviews of things I have while I'm out there. my idea of holidays are to avoid the shopping craze completely by being out in the middle of the woods. it seems like I will now be out there from Tuesday to Friday, then I have to be back at work on Saturday, the weather report is looking annoying for me, raining on two of the days out there, and it seems like a few of the people will probably be leaving in the middle of it for thanksgiving stuff, which is fine, but I am not leaving. and I know one person wont be leaving because I am driving them there, there I can hopefully ignore the rest of the world right before my wedding, thats my kind of party. main piece of tech ill have out there is my cell phone, the iphone, I have a flashlight with a charger, though I thought the solar panel charged the cellphone too, but it doesn't so thats points against it when I review the item. I should have bought a solar charger for it, I will eventually, I found one for only 30 dollars, on a tech site.

anyway I know I skipped yesterday it was boring, I worked, it was hard for me to work really with my thumb, the superglue I put on made my thumb swell, so I was able to peal it off, then I let it get air for all of last night after wrapping it up while at work. it is looking better now. also ill be sending off my computer for a few days on Monday, the LCD screen cracked.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first aid kit, and a reason to have one in your car

Well I said I was going to post my first aid kit and I did, I posted a video of it a few minutes ago, and now heres the list, but I also wanted to say, I was playing while at work, being stupid showing off the knife I made to my boss and cut my thumb, cut it rather deep, I should have had stitches, however I am cheap so its super glued shut which will work fine, ill also post a picture, but needless to say there wasn't a proper first aid kit at my work, my boss needs to restock, I had him go get my car kit, which I knew had proper things in my first aid kit. clean pads and such. so I stopped the bleeding, cleaned it out and my boss and I glued my skin together, then he went home for me to be closing manager like normal. just another day.

clean wipes/ wet wipes
hand lotion
safety pins
band aids
sterile saline solution
toilet paper
hair band/ rubber band
small ink pen
nail file
latex gloves
sterile unopened syringe
stretch bandaging
non stick bandage pads
hand sanitizer
small swiss army knife
anti itch cream
medications- benadryl, claritin, immodium

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing list

I have a few different lists here of things, we are taking between three people, the main thing we are leaving behind is a tent, thats all the luxury we are forfeiting right now
 General stuff-
toilet paper
cups, one per person metal for boiling ability if needed
camp knife, general purpose fixed blade knife, knight and I are taking the ones we made.
sleeping bags
5 gallon water container, it collapses, we aren't taking water, I know there is a stream out there we will be boiling water.
trash bags, really large ones
camp shovel, or as we have been saying a shit digger.
cooking pots, all modded to where I can use them with a tripod over a fire, were made for a camp stove.
flash lights, one of them being one with a radio/ weather radio/ cellphone charger.
rope, lots of rope.
first aid kit. ill go over this kit tomorrow
tarps, this is gonna be the main water proofing of the shelter we are making, just a general one I've seen on ray mear's shows, I do know I should practice before use, but I live in an apartment and my mother lives in a rental area too.

bleach, more water purification
peroxide, good for any possible wounds
magnesium fire lighting stick
hatchet, people have differnt preferences which is more useful, I like them both, hatchet is a lot better as a hammer too.
 jute twine
a simple .22 rifle
canvas- this is from where my mother worked making boat covers and this will be good ground cloth
hand sanitizer

Clothes-  we are going over thanksgiving in the foothills of NC so 40 degrees F is what the average is.
long underware, thermals,
thermal socks
blue jeans
t shirt, for me at least
boots with laces, always with laces
insulated suit
ear muffs
face mask, for the cold and my identity hidden from the camera  Hah
gloves, I have two pair one fingerless and one thicket and full gloves
and a change of socks and underwear.

for Our food its mainly gonna be soups and canned food while out there.

  this is the shelter we are going to use Ray mears video we are just adding tarps for more rain proofing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

semi happiness

whoa these next few weeks are gonna be insane busy for me, tomorrow interview with police officer to attempt to get sponsored to take class to learn how to be an officer in hopes of later getting hired as one. ( mouth full ) then camping trip which has had another day added to it, and wedding, yes a freaking wedding, Mine at that. and in between all those things, normal life and work and such. so uh topic, I really need to make up a camping list, or at least a bag list of things I have to if nothing else but to realize what I am missing, perhaps a second post tonight about that or tomorrow.. tomorrow is coming soon I dunno, hope everyone likes the minor changes I made to the blog, such such such...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Walking dead

I have seen every other survival blog speak about this already, and I think its a good show, its what into the 3rd or 4th ep, and I do love the show, and I believe that it does demonstrate some good survival ideas like them all having a bag, a go back, bug out bag, what ever you want to call it when they were in that building gathering food and supplies, I would advise against how they apparently had the one kid going in there by himself against all those undead. it showed a use for old style cbs and walkie talkies, for the fact that unlike cell phones they are not reliant on cell towers and power to be on for those things. it shows how the laws are easily dissolved once there is no police or military to be seen and since I have not heard or read this comic before I am curious to know if we will see any presence of an active military. in tonights show I enjoyed the idea behind keeping the fire low to avoid attraction. the family drama I don't really care about it but if you attempt to learn something out of everything you do as I do, then you avoid the things you don't care about.