Saturday, December 4, 2010

OK I am Back, married honeymooned and rested? hardly

Ok For the news, 4 stories, quite interesting to me, two of them about wikileaks, I cant say I have read much on this website, but I have watched some of the videos, and they are interesting to say the least. It's a website that is letting out secrets of the US government, however I think, if they were so important secrets we still wouldn't know them, I would still like to know who shot jfk, was 9/11 an inside job, something of that nature. There are long past secrets of the government that could change the views of the world on our own government. but right now, they are just releasing batches of documents the common public is hearing the names of the batches of documents, not what they contain or their importance only that they could damaging to to the government, or cost people jobs, and that last statement is the only one hitting home for people, thats the eye catcher statement because everyone is already out of a job.

wikileaks looses its paypal account, they cant accept donations from them now, honestly it was coming since all american companies are backing away from them quickly.

and this one is forbidding all federal employees to Not look at wikileaks, at work, at home, on your mobile phone. because you shouldn't know whats there. thats it in a nut shell, I wonder though, will they know? really? will you get fired if you do look?

Next story ! Land up for sale, nice secluded, out in perfect prepper country, one hitch it belonged to the uni-bomber

and a stranded boat off the coast of alaska.. ok I am jumping bail off this one for thinking it was interesting, but it was for a second. stranded crew, no one can get out to them yet. What would you do? QOTD

Friday, December 3, 2010


well the wedding was nice. small, I enjoyed there not being too many people, and now I am out in the mountains.  it has been a fun day today, walking around Cherokee NC, but still taking a few days off from serious writing for wedding stuffs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

night before wedding

I get married tomorrow, should be a big deal right? the sealing of a deal for me really. I have been dating her for 3 years now, and living with her for a few months, since May, so I do know her rather well, so not worried about the normal unknowing stuff.
I won't have much time this week for blogging, but I will try, like I continually am now. this will be a short one since I am not with proper internet, so I save my good stories for another day.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

can I keep it up?

Its apparently as I am noticing quite a challenge to keep a blog going daily while still doing a day job, it does so get into the way.
heres a few questions to everyone, are you a casual camper, when you camp what is your idea of camping? in an RV, bringing a tent, constructing a shelter.
 I know if you want to prepare for a survival situation, you can just start camping normally and each time just leave out bringing one item of comfort. the first thing always to go for me would be the tent, and since my last shelter idea bombed.
 I wouldn't attempt making a group shelter, I would make a small personal one, and when you make one of those mainly in the winter, you want it as small and close to you as possible, because the more air that is in there with you the more cold air you have in there with you. trust me cold is bad.
 I've also had a few friends, war re-en-actors tell me that you should always change clothes before sleeping, stating that no matter what you try you will sweat and be wet while attempting to sleep, this does work I know, but in attempts to travel with as little as possible.. that is hard.
 Just bringing what I did with me, my bag was overly heavy and I felt tremendously loaded down. and I do not know what will be the next thing I decide to remove from my camping, always will take a first aid kit, I like my ground tarps, and I like taking tarps for water proofing. something in that will probably be gone. In the summer, when next I will camp, it will be just me and the hammock and I hope the people that were suppose to come then will come this time for sure.

QOTD- When ( season ) do you plan camping trips?

Monday, November 29, 2010

drop a few cents in

well I am still thinking back on my camping trip on the things I could have accomplished had I stayed out there video wise, and I keep telling myself I will do something that will make up the things I didn't complete like the product reviews, and I do want to at least do a proper review of that hammock, and I want to stand by the fact that you do not have to buy name brand things, or things you see as over priced, for me that hammock was an impulse buy. something I wanted, I like how compact it is and how easy it is for me to set up, but I saw a hammock a few weeks later at a major mall store for 20 bucks, thats a stark difference from the 70 I paid.

I am going to do a video review of the hammock AND show you how make a cheap tarp like the one I made out in the woods, and even make it better since I will be making it in the comfort of my mothers house.

One thing I dislike about the world anymore is the fact of how much this nation is a consumer nation, made in the USA is a joke, even if something is branded that, the materials aren't, its like thinking back through how food is made, well a loaf of bread, what made it, flour and water, yeast, where did you get that? did you make it or buy it, yes there is a Simplicity to buying it but its so much easier later on knowing how to make something when you don't have the ability to buy it.

even todays news story today I found, he had no knowledge of his own, relied on information obtained at the point of tragedy, he had an iphone, and a first aid app, rather funny, but it did save his life, now he is writing a book

Now question of the day, lets start a new thing to get people commenting. What is one thing you can make without buying something, anything, to make it? it can be anything, food, a charm, neckless, weapon. and I'll make it easy, you can scavenge garbage. show me, don't just say you can make it, do it and post a picture.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday sunday sunday

I was trying to pawn off some of the writing of this blog to some other authors so my opinion isn't the only one being viewed, so I have given the pen to two others, if they decide to pull the pen and start writing it is up to them and I will allow them to introduce themselves. I couldn't find much towards issues in the news today. and my words of wisdom are lacking when I can't think of a topic. 
I do know I need more prepping for winter time, last night I sat in my car for too long( to me ) waiting for my windshield to defrost, I could not find my ice scraper, I never could find it during the day today, I worked the most of it, and tomorrow will be much of the same. and 4 days until wedding thing. sorry my post is lacking today, I waited too late to do it, and lacked proper content. come back tomorrow