Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme couponing attempt 2

This time, smaller haul attempt and it was just my wife going out while I was at work. Baileys Coffee Creamer, she only bought one bottle, costing  2.15 with tax, she had two coupons for a dollar off coupons for the item, ended up paying .15 for the bottle, odd thing in these attempts, we really didn't need the creamer beyond getting a new flavor I suppose.

I would honest like to see our possibility of making a shopping trip and paying little to no money for most of the items, and I will keep trying for this goal for now, in some way I am sure we are saving money. With Fuel prices continuing on the up I believe everyones pockets are nearing empty or at least hurting. I just hope with these shows now on tv, that have caught my notice, and the notice of others, do not effect the coupons, or stores doubling them, or accepting them all together in the way people are using them on these shows. I heard a conversation about it between a cashier and a customer while in line at the local store today.

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  1. oh you know the store will try to deny us but it's just a matter of us being smarter than them.